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Tuesday, May 21, 2013



Mrs. Cranky says “I know” a lot.  It has many meanings all depending on the inflection of her voice, the emphasis on the “I” or the “know,” the stretching out of the “I” to “IIIYYY” or the “know” to “k n o w.”  The phrase takes on different meanings based on eyebrow movement or head shaking.

When Mrs. Cranky says, “I know,” it might means:

I do know that, Yes I know, Of course I know, That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you, Stop telling me that, I don’t want to know, Everyone knows that, I know but you don’t, Duh, or who cares.

There are many words or phrases that carry multiple meanings based on inflections and or facial expressions.  It is the inability to show inflections or facial expressions on today’s communication methods of Facebook, Twitter, email or texting that gets many people in trouble.  Their words are often misinterpreted.  The use of emoticons helps, but they are often annoying and still misinterpreted.

If we sometimes get in trouble because of the difficulty of expressing ourselves in the new communication media, just imagine the African Namibia tribe who speak with different clicking sounds, trying to tweet a message.

Click @Clack #clackclick “Click click clack tock”

Clack @Click “CLICK CLACK!”

Click @Clack “Click clickclickclick”

Clack @Click “CLACK TOCK!”

Click @Clack “Clack?”

Clack @Click “CLACK CLOK”

Click @Clack “Clickclickclick….CLACK!”

Clack @ Click “CLACK?”

Click @Clack “Clickclack!”

Clack @Click “Cluck Clu!”



  1. Could it be that you repeat yourself a lot? Know what I mean?

  2. It's a minefield isn't it? I get myself into enough trouble without all that which is why I hardly ever tweet.

    I wonder what it is that I say a lot - must ask SD - it's probably something like, 'well in my head it turned out completely differently' ...

  3. :-)

    One of the last remaining languages that uses the clicks. From what I understand, there used to be many...



  4. Should it bother me that I understood every word of the Click Clack conversation?

    Pry not. I drink a little.

  5. I know! (And I mean that in the kindest way...)

    Y'know, with the way some teenagers mumble, no wonder they communicate better with text messages. Hmm, I wonder if it's possible to mumble a "click".

  6. At least it isn't just the word Fine. Which has several meanings along with the inflection of tone and eyebrows, scowling, dirty looks and rarely means anything is actually fine. We all know this, right?

  7. I sent my comment telepathically--I assume you got it!!

  8. So that isn't the next big music genre after rap? You just saved me $1,000. I thought I must need a hearing aid as all I could make out were clicks and clacks. Thanks Big Joe.


  9. Yeah, I KNOW! Inflection and facial expression are all important in any interaction. So much is lost when communicating only with text. One of my favorite skits by Carol Burnett is where a whole conversation happens and the only word spoken is, "Oh."

  10. Husbands and wives often end up speaking their own private language. I can have a conversation with my wife in a crowded room without anyone understanding a word.

  11. On Seinfeld, they used the word "breathtaking." Good, bad, didn't matter. Breathtaking. Saying it without saying it.

  12. hahahha!! This is one of your best posts yet!

  13. I can pin certain things down when my husband is speaking that totally gives away his true feelings. I will never reveal my knowledge of these things to him, though. :)

    Oops, I just used an emoticon.

    Mrs. Cranky sounds like a smart woman.

    And the click clack conversation - new to me. I'm with TexWisGirl.