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Friday, May 17, 2013


I will occasionally joke about blogging or writing for money.  I actually only write because I enjoy writing.  I don’t expect to ever make any money writing and I could care less if anyone ever buys my first book,

“Maybe It’s Just Me” (Which in retrospect I wish I titled “Perhaps it’s just I”)  Which is available at Rosedog book store, or Amazon for $18.00 or $14 if on sale.

It is fine if nobody buys my second book, “I Used to be Stupid” available at Rosedog book store or Amazon for $17, or available on Kindle or Nook for $9.99.  I just do not expect or even care if I make any money on these endeavors, nor do I envision anyway of making money off this blog.

I just like to write.  Tonight, Mrs. Cranky went to Lowes Theater to see the movie “Oz” which she loves so much it is her second viewing.  She grabbed a meal at Burger King, her favorite fast food restaurant, so I had to eat alone, while she was driving to the theater in our Toyota Four Runner which we just love.  She probably had to fill it up as I think we were low on Exxon Gas which seems to burn clean and give us great mileage. 

After a delicious meal of Hormel chili, I decided to work on this blog.  I pulled out my reliable Samsung laptop, turned on my Visio TV which has an amazing sharp picture cause yeah; I can multi-task, and started writing.  Even though I am a bit tired, one Five Hour Energy Drink and I am good to go.  

Still, with all that energy, I just can’t find that much to write about so I think I’ll just take a hot shower with Ivory Soap which floats by the way, though not in the shower because we keep the shower drain clear with a monthly shot of Liquid Plumber.  I’ll shampoo of course with some Pantene cause that keeps my hair soft and luxurious and my scalp nice and shiny.  Then I’ll brush my teeth with Crest which keeps my teeth cavity free and my breath minty fresh and turn in for the night.  I expect to sleep well because my Sealy Posturepedic is so comfortable.

Anyway, after I set the alarm on my I-phone (which I love) so I can get up in time for a breakfast of Aunt Jamima pancakes and Oscar Meyer bacon along with Eggland’s Best Eggs, I plan to sleep like a baby and dream I saw a movie star in her Maidenform Bra.

I know I could never sleep at all if I used this blog to make money whoring various products.  I just enjoy writing and will never sell out.


Some compensation may or may not have been given in lieu of any favorable mention of certain products which I would only mention within the context of my post, and I would never endorse a product I did not use and believe in.


  1. At your age I fully expect to turn on the TV someday and see you hawking Depends or Polygrip. (Hey, I let you off easy. I could have mentioned one of those ED pills. ;)


  2. Hey, don't make fun of those boner pills, they work if only we could figure out how to do the nasty when in two separate bath tubs.

  3. Snort. I've seen blogs quite similar to this post.. and it's a serious endeavor.

  4. Lol - never thought I'd see so many products used in one blog - good job

  5. Have you ever considered using product placement in your blog? (Just a thought!!)

  6. I may have just peed my pants laughing. .however. I am not concerned since I have Depends.

  7. Hmmmm.......I guess this is the day I should tell you that I have actually bought your book and given it as a gift to another blogger who admires you enormously. (Murr Brewster of MurrMurrs). I am going to make her read it to me someday.

    Great blog......there must be some product you missed, but I love the Maidenform part. Sigh. I don't think they make them anymore so don't expect a royalty.

  8. Now you've got me thinking about products or companies I might endorse. Weight Watchers? Probably not.

  9. And they say the art of subtle product placement is dead ;D

  10. Dude, what you do, you do well!


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