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Saturday, May 11, 2013



This is a Cranky Saturday Opinion post

Opposing opinions are welcome, but please, no name calling…that goes for you, you big stupid head!
A video of a 12 year old boy questioning a Las Vegas police officer for illegal parking has gone viral.  This young man spotted a police motorcycle parked on the sidewalk and waited video-phone on hand to confront the officer.

The young man is polite enough, so is the officer.  The officer does not answer the boy’s accusation, nor does he confront him.   He pretty much ignores him and you can tell he is a bit miffed as the boy demands to see his badge number.

Did this video go viral because people enjoy seeing a cop getting his comeuppance from a 12 year old, or because they are disturbed by the boy’s lack of respect?  I suspect it is the former.  Personally I am bothered by this boy’s lack of respect for a police officer. 

I would liked to have seen the officer just fess up and tell the boy,

“I guess you are right, I am parked illegally, however as a public servant who has the right to a coffee or soda break, I had a choice to make.  I could have driven around the block and looked for a legal space to park, and then maybe walk several hundred yards back and forth to get my soda, or I could park here on the sidewalk for two minutes.  I chose to not waste tax payer money driving around and walking.  I felt it would be best for me to get my refreshment quickly.  What would people think if there was a police action, and I had to run several hundred yards to my motorcycle while a perpetrator escaped?  That is why I made the decision to park illegally even though there was no emergency.  In my job I have to always be prepared for an emergency.”

If the young man still wanted to see his badge number, he should have shown it to him and then politely left. The officer did none of this.  I think being blindsided by a 12 year old, he wasn’t prepared, but he also didn’t overreact, and he did use restraint in the face of a precocious, obnoxious, annoying little brat.

Way to go you little brat and kudos also to your parents who have guided you into your precocious, little brat, holier than thou persona.  If you had been really lucky, you might have caught this officer having a bad day and maybe you could have provoked him into behavior which on video and the internet could have gotten him fired.  Wouldn’t that be great!  Because he probably doesn’t have any children or a wife who worry every day that he might not come home. 

Yeah kid, that happens.  Cops get shot and die.  Cops get in accidents chasing criminals and they die.  Cops don't always come home.  They accept that, their family accepts that, it is the nature of the job.  But that doesn't mean they should get any special respect does it?  If they block the sidewalk, report them, cause you're better than a cop aren't you kid? 

I am guessing from the way this lad spoke he comes from an upper class family.  How does your dad make his money little dude?  Is he a banker?  Is he a salesman?  Is he a politician?  Is anyone videoing him while he screws people out of their hard earned money so he can take his precocious little brat son on vacation to Vegas?

I know I’ll sleep a lot better knowing that some poor cop, while trying to earn a living risking his life for me and others, got told off for a minor offense by a 12 year old brat.

The video I’d really like to see go viral would be this kid's dad grabbing him by the scruff of the neck and telling him to shut his pie hole, apologize to the officer, and then take away his $500 i-phone.

So I’ll just say it. 

“Shut your pie hole you little shit and show some respect!”


The preceding has been the opinion of a cranky old man, and not necessarily that of management…Mrs. Cranky.        


  1. I can't disagree with you here. That cop is working solo. His vehicle should be within his sight and quick access. The kidlet needs to learn not to challenge how responsible adults conduct their work unless there is a clear and obvious risk.

  2. The kid is a jerk. The cop's just doing his job. There seem to be far too many a$$hats in the world with cell phones. Recording nonsense like this. I'm with you on this one Joe. All the way.

  3. Yeah, the kid seemed to be looking for something to gain instant fame.. so why not video a cop... Anyone in their right mind can see the cop made a quick stop for a drink... grow up, little brat!
    good post, joe!

  4. I'm completely with you on this one. Since I'm old enough to be the little shit's grandmother, here's to his parents: Who do you think you are, allowing such disrespect under your roof?!

  5. I'm right with you, Joe. It appears to my jaundiced eye that respect is on the ropes altogether, dammit, and there are way too many of those vile, wretched, disrespectful little brats in the world. Oh, don't get me started......

  6. I agree. What a brat. His parent's should not be proud of this video at all. Ugh.

  7. Yes, the kid might have had a motive, but he was polite. Why not use this as a learning experience for the kid, explain to him the necessity for parking there, much as you've explained in your well-written post. And why not show him your badge? The policeman didn't seem to be in a hurry to get anywhere.

  8. OK, I'll play the bad cop here. (Ooooo....sorry.) Here's the problem.: Cops must obey they laws just like they expect us too. What if I parked there and ran in for a quick refreshment and then received a citation? Should I have my ticket dismissed when I showed the judge this video? What about having "one too many"? OK for cops, but not for you or me? What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

    And when asked for his badge number, an officer is obligated to give it. I served on my city's Civil Service Commission for 18 years, half of it as chairman (overseeing the police and fire departments), and I can tell you that this would have probably gotten the officer a verbal reprimand (the mildest punishment available).

    Yes, the kid did seem uppity, but the officer seemed to have a bit of an attitude, too. Why did you park here?" "Because I can." Not cool.

    OK, now y'all can pile on me. ;)


  9. Kids can get away with a lot, just because they're kids. They know it. They love to stir things up. If this had been an 18 year old legal adult asking for the badge number, sure, the cop should have given it.

    The sidewalk wasn't blocked. The cop didn't crush somebody's petunias. No harm, no foul. The kid needs to make a citizen's arrest on his daddy for rolling through a stop sign or going five miles over the speed limit.

  10. I thought the kid was being quite polite actually - and he made a good point. Just saying....

  11. Everybody with a phone thinks they are an investigative reporter and this stupid kid does too. Most kids, not all, have this mistaken sense of entitlement and lack of respect for anyone in authority. Am I surprised by this, I disturbed by this, yes. It is brats like this that give all those kids working so damn hard to be good community members, a bad name. I agree, his parents dropped the ball...there is valid questioning and then there is a child raised to think he can be a shit and get away with it!!