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Friday, May 24, 2013

COMPUTERS…can’t live with em can’t live without em

COMPUTERS…can’t live with em can’t live without em
I don’t know how I used to live without my PC.  Maybe it was solitaire with actual cards, TV, or even reading, but I can no longer survive without it.

My first laptop worked great except for some reason the wireless function only worked at home.  The frustration this caused when I visited my son or we went on a trip was unbearable, so I broke down and bought a new laptop.

The new laptop picked up a virus which turned off my virus protection. 


I paid the Geek Squad to fix that issue and along with a few bucks, it cost me all my files.  Fortunately my files were backed up, but bringing them back in a form I could work with was a royal pain.  Six months later my computer would not open at all.  It was another virus, even though I paid for Norton Antivirus.* 



I took the PC back to the Geek Squad and they removed the virus along with every file on my computer.  This time I lost a bunch of unpublished posts, which I hate rewriting stuff because…hell that’s another post.


I spent a day reloading my “new” PC with Microsoft Word, Norton Worthless, and all the files I did have backed up.  When I tried to do some actual surfing on the “fixed” PC, it was ponderously slow.  So slow that is was unusable.

I brought the PC back in to the Geek Squad and demonstrated its unusable slowness.  The on-duty geek was confused.  He finally decided it must be my browser as he has seen issues with IE 10.  He changed my browser to Chrome and voilà!  The machine was back up to speed.

Back home again, I took some getting used to the new browser (Change and I do not get along without a fight) and all was well with the world.


I decided to play a little online poker to which I am addicted.  It was like 1998 and a modem all over again.  I lost 4 million fake dollars (still painful to an on-line addict) folding pocket aces and then timing out and getting thrown off the table when I was the big chip leader. 

Suddenly, all my applications were slow again.  For jollies I switched back to IE 10 and WTF, the PC was once again back up to speed.  The next day it was crap again so I switched to Chrome.  It was good for everything except the on-line poker.  So…back to IE 10 and it works great again for all applications.

OMG, I have a female PC, and it must be the wrong time of the month.  My backup PC works just fine, so it has to be masculine as I understand the monthly thing lines up with cohabiting females. 


What do I do now?  Sometimes the PC works well. Sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes IE 10 is the cure, sometimes it only works with Chrome.  You know that if I take the PC to the Geek Squad she will work just perfectly. 

These lady PC’s don’t act up with those that understand them.  



*Norton Antivirus did not pay for this mention…though I’m thinking they might just be that stupid and incompetent. 


  1. I feel for you as I've been there... however, I am laughing out loud!

    Actually, I don't think my situations have been quite as bad as yours. Even speaking to the people in India is improving for me. I'm beginning to understand what they are saying the first time around.

  2. You've just described some of the reasons I bought a Mac.
    Pre-Mac, my solution was to always back up my files and reinstall Windows every two months.

    Have I mentioned how much I love my Mac? Which is still working well, five years on? And the only time I've had to mess with the OS is when I upgraded?

    So, if you want to use Windows, I recommend many restore points, an external hard drive as a back up and constant reinstalls, complete with the requisite swearing and frustration.

    And Don't click on ANYTHING you don't completely trust.

  3. I find it helps if you make a sacrifice to the PC gods. I'd recommend either a fatted calf or a New York style cheese cake.

  4. Hmmm...Mac does sound masculine and Microsoft sounds ultra feminine.

    Is it true that once you go Mac you never go back?

  5. Whenever I have a computer problem I call my son. Would you like me to loan him to you?

  6. yikes! i have norton protection!

    and do you clear your cache / temp internet files, etc. every so often? if not, that's probably what is slowing you down.

  7. Like you I was a familiar face at the Geek Squad counter, but I got rid of most of my computer problems when I switched over to a Mac. Far fewer problems and I also left blogger and have a different Web Server so if I have problems I just dump it on them.

  8. "Is it true that once you go Mac you never go back?"

    Yew betcha! ;)


  9. I would take it back to GS and tell them to fix it right this time and you shouldn't have to pay for it.

    Never click on anything you don't know or trust. Go Mac.

  10. My son has spent countless hours haggling with customer service reps in India who went by the names of Susan and George. Who knew that Seinfeld had such a fan base in India?

  11. You have my deepest sympathy, poor dear. You are, of course telling the story of all of our current lives...except for those supercilious elitists who have a Mac.

  12. Count me among the loyal Mac users. Going on 24 years now and I've watch PCers pull their hair out around me every step of the way. I love my Mac. We have an exclusive relationship. ;)