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Tuesday, August 9, 2011



You often hear people say they need a hug.  A hug is supposed to be therapeutic, a pick-me-up, a reassuring sign of affection.  Maybe.  There are many types of hugs and they all mean different things.  We don’t need an interpretation of these hugs, the meanings are universal:

Woman and man

1.     The “You might be getting lucky hug” – This is the woman hugging with two arms around your neck. Butt is in neutral position; (If this is in the goodbye mode, you blew it.)

2.     The “It’s just nice to see you hug” – One arm over your shoulder, one arm under.  Butt is in neutral position. *

3.    The “I missed you, but…well…maybe hug” – One arm over the shoulder, one arm under; the over arm rubs your back. Butt is in neutral. *

     4.    The “This polite don’t even think about it hug”- One arm over the    shoulder, one arm under, the over arm pats you on the back.  Butt is angled away from you. *

     5.    The “You are going to get lucky soon hug”- Two arms around the neck with a prolonged squeeze.  Butt is angled in and touching.

6.    The “You might be getting lucky right now hug”- Two arms around the neck, a prolonged squeeze, both legs wrapped around your pelvis.

*  Most men will still interpret all hugs with an unrelated female as at least - The “You might be getting lucky hug.”

                                                  Woman to woman

1.    The “I missed you hug”- Both arms under, both hands rubbing.

2.    The “Men are such jerks sympathy hug”- Two arms around the neck, sustained squeezing and back and forth rocking.

3.    The “You are such a bitch hug”- Hands on both shoulders, peck on each cheek, “We must do lunch!”

4.    The “Want to experiment hug?”- Two arms around the neck, prolonged squeeze, butt in.

5.    The “You might be in for a really good night hug”- #4 with a wink if it is your wife.

Man to man

1.    The “Way to go bro hug”- Both arms out, heavy chest bump.

2.    The “I love ya but I’m not gay hug”- One arm over the shoulder, one arm under, mutual fist pounds (three) to the back. Hips NEVER thrust in!

3.    The “WTF hug”- Both arms over, prolonged squeeze, hips in; followed by two hands to the shoulder, a big shove, and “WTF?”

Everyone may need a hug from time to time, but you don’t always get the one you want.


  1. Love your take on hugging...Would be really keen to hear your views on cuddles! Lol

    Lou :-)

  2. New follower from the Tuesday hop, hope you have a chance to stop by!


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