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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cranky's July Tweets

This is a cheap post, but I am running low on material.  So for my monthly day off I present this lazy, crappy, easy blog; kick back, relax (or hit that backwards arrow/ please come back tomorrow) and enjoy:

JULY TWEETS (Or why I don’t follow JoeHagyauthor on twitter)

Why do you fish for fluke but eat flounder? What the Fuck is the difference?

My son tells me I am never wrong, sometimes I just don't use the right words!

Dodging the NJ Shore Beach pass badge checkers, a NJ shore tradition.

Watching children is hard, watching grandchildren is harder!  

“Missing; 2 yr old little girl, blonde, blue eyes, 37 inches. Lost in Florida 6 weeks ago, I think…. I forgot!” – Casey Anthony.  

Back from the municipal pool.  Can we just let the little bastards run but make that fucking "Marco Polo" game illegal?

Incandescent bulbs illegal? Thanks US Government. Oh is it OK to wipe my ass with toilet paper or is that not green?

I refuse to buy a Jaguar until they pronounce it JAG-wire not Jag U our! Or until I can afford one!

Stop feeding your child’s ego. "Good Job?" he put his toys away! A thank you will do!  

Those bullies you run into on the internet are all snot nosed nerdy little losers.

Why do old people think point and click is retracting their pen?

Back from the A+P. Where do the good looking people shop?

The difference between Lowes and the Home Depot is Lowes sales people have more teeth.

Mr. President HELLO!! The Bachelorette!!! If you can't fix the deficit, at least don't preempt the Bachelorette!!!

Watching “Project Runway” Why are some gay men more feminine than women? Not judging, just asking.

Reality Show for Casey Anthony "Project Runaway."

Watching “The Bachelorette.”  Please don't pick JP.  Damn, I am gay! It's my wife’s fault!
Sorry, that's all I got! 

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