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Saturday, August 13, 2011



In this age of twenty second sound bites sometimes all we read in a news story is the headline, however, sometimes the headlines scream “YOU HAVE TO READ MORE!!  These beauties all were found on the internet 8-12-11:

Man Allegedly Urinates on 11-Year-Old Girl During Flight to New YorkAllegedly? He did, or he didn’t, kinda hard to fake!

Norwegian Mass Killer Breivik 'Horrified by His Actions,' Psychologist Reveals He slaughtered 92 people, mostly children, but now I should feel sorry for him?

Nursing Home Workers Sentenced For Making Patients Slippery – OK kids, this is why I ask you to just drop me off in a cabin in the woods with TV, a bottle of scotch and a brick of Velveeta cheese.  

Calif. man accused of trying to break in to prison – So he got caught, what are they going to do?  Send him to jail?

24-year-old Connecticut woman savagely attacks girl, 12, who was 'looking at' her boyfriend at party – The little tramp was obviously an adultaphile!

Russian Woman Killed by Husband's Homemade Rocket – Russia is still behind in the Spouse Race.

Teen Has Tongue Surgically Lengthened to Speak Korean – Only to find out he still did not know the language.

Detained Mexican Drug-Gang Leader Suspected in 900 Homicides – Detained?  Well actually it turns out he only killed 300.  He just ordered the other 600.

Astronomers find darkest planet ever – Then lose it after blinking.  “It’s somewhere over there, in all that black stuff.”

Woman Accused of Stealing From Alex Trebek Claims She Is a Prostitute, Not a Robber – I’m sorry, that should be WHAT is a prostitute, not a robber?


  1. I love these!


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  3. These are hilarious! New follower from the Super Stalker Sunday hop :)

    Bri @ Ramblings of a Southern Mama

  4. Nice one Cranky - yet another gigglefest on my part.

    Lou :-)

  5. fantastic! just found your blog!

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  6. My husband and I love to find these types of mistakes in the paper. The last one I found was from a quote by a dad who's daughter was shot. It went something like this - "Amber" (we didn't use her last name to protect her privacy) "is a wonderful girl" said her father John Pendley. Really, you just wrote her father's last name - think that might give a clue as to the daughter's?


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