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Friday, August 5, 2011

Dr. Vinnys

Dr. Vinnys

My Fraternity brother Dr. Vinny D. is not only a successful doctor, but he sacrifices his time and skill every year serving the needy in underprivileged countries.  I don’t believe I have ever said it to him, but Dr. Vinnie, I am proud to know yee.

There are now too Dr. Vinny’s doing good works in parts of the world where good works are needed most.  Dr. Vinny’s wife, proud mommy that she is has turned me on to the works of their son Dr. Vinny Jr.

Dr. Vinny Jr. shares his dad’s enthusiasm, dedication and sense of humor.

Keep it up Dr. Vinnys!


  1. Vincent,Jr. started the third world trips, not Vincent,Sr. The father followed the son, not the other way around.

  2. Either way, there are good deeds in the genes!

  3. It's lovely to be so proud of someone you know. I hopped over to have a read, and found the reading good, so I am now following. He/they are obviously doing fantastic work, but it is lovely that Vinny Jr is still certainly down to earth and not on a completely different plain to the rest of us, as people who do this fantastically wonderful work so often are.


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