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Sunday, July 31, 2011



My blog page is too plain.  I have finally learned to add some gadgets and photos, but the colors and background are what they are. I have no idea how to change them.

I see other blogs and they have some really cool stuff.  Home pages and different tabs,  blogs they follow, buttons and widgets, swimming fish, videos, strobe lights, whatever.  My blog has no tabs, no flashing lights, no nothing.  Just straight up black on white print. 

It reminds me of my days in school.

In the eighth grade I would hand in a book report written in pencil on plane lined paper.  My typical grade? B – “Nice content needs more effort!”

Looking around at other reports, it seemed all the girls got the big A+ and “Nice Job!!” They also got a sticky star.  What did they do to get a sticky star? 

Their reports were all neatly typed.  The typed pages were then glued to colored paper.  The pages glued to the colored paper were then enclosed in a booklet.  The cover of the booklet was titled in fancy swirly print, each letter in a different color.  Beneath the cover was a picture appropriate to the report.  The pictures came from a magazine perfectly cut out and pasted on.  Beneath the picture was the author’s name, once again in neat multi-colored print, “By Sally Kissarse.”  The cover was accented with sparkles and the whole package was held together by two perfectly tied ribbons.

I am pretty sure every eighth-grade book report ever written has been the same. 

“Huck Finn, written by Mark Twain is a story about a young boy growing up along the Mississippi River in the olden days.  He got into trouble in almost every way possible and used his cunning and guile to escape scary situations.  An example was when…..yada yada yada, blah blah blah…..”  Finally all eighth grade book reports end with the same sentence, “If you want to find out how it ends, you have to read the book.”

That will not get you the A+ “Nice Job!” and a sticky star.

If you want a sticky star you have to add the sparkles!

How do I add sparkles to my blog page?  I want the sticky star!


  1. Joe - go to the dashboard and find the little buttn that says design, then the little button that says template designer. There you will find some basic templates. On the background tab you will find a box labelled background image, if you click on this you can change the background picture and even upload one yourself as long as the dimensions of the photo are correct ( something like 1600 x 1200 and no bigger than 300bytes).
    On adjust widths you can change the number of columns your blog has, as well as the width of said columns.
    On layout you can change the layout of the columns (all left, all right, some on both sides etc) and finally on the advanced tab, you can change the fonts and colours of fonts and backgrounds for different elements of your blog (it should put a red box around the bits you are changing when you click on them, so you can see what you are doing - I sau should losely because it doesn't always)

    As for adding new pages or tabs to your blog itself, I am still trying to figure that one out myself, because the destructions you get from blogger don't make any sense with what I see on the screen!

    Gadgets you add on the main design page, Click 'add gadget' and a list of different ones will appear for you to choose from.

    Have fun
    Lou :-)

  2. Joe, I like your grey blog. It seems right... Not sure why. Just saying.


  3. To add pages you go into edit posts and click on the edit pages tab. There is an option to add pages (up to 10).

    Other than that I haven't got a clue but I quite like yours just the way it is.