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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


                                  MERCURY LIGHT BULBS
In responce the the House vote against the incadesant light bulb; a segment from "RECYCLING" from yet unpublished I USED TO BE STUPID 

One other complaint, mercury light bulbs: These cork screw bulbs will soon be required by law and incandescent bulbs will be obsolete.  This bothers me for several reasons:

1.     The new bulbs last ten times longer than the standard bulb.  NO THEY DO NOT! Maybe twice, but they do burn out and burn out often.

2.     The increased cost will be recovered by the fact that the new bulbs last ten times longer than the standard bulb.  NO THEY DO NOT, THUS NO IT WILL NOT.

3.     The new bulbs contain mercury; if they break it is a major toxic waste removal project requiring professional attention.  Well, not if “I” break one.  I’ll just blot it up and throw the mercury away in the trash like we did with broken thermometers.  So will everyone else!

4.     When these bulbs burn out (and they do) how are they disposed?  The sanitation department does not currently have a mercury light bulb pick up day.  I’m guessing they never will.  These bulbs will end up in the landfills.  I do not know if that is really a problem or not, but EXPERTS say it is.  If mass quantities of mercury end up in the water table……well I guess at least I will be able to eat as much swordfish as I want.

The soon to come requirement to use the new more efficient bulbs will be passed as an “Environmental”, and “Green” issue.  “If everyone switches to the new bulb it would be the equivalent energy savings of removing 50,000 cars from our highways.”  Bull Shit!! But some expert said it, so now it is fact.

Take your pick: save 25 cents a month on your electric bill and chance mercury poisoning, or spend the extra and not turn into a thermometer.  I’m guessing Government will determine this is a freedom we cannot be allowed.

At least you will always know what the temperature is!

Problem is, when you kick the bucket, and just like these bulbs we will all burn out: how will your mercury tainted remains be recycled?

Maybe it is Government, Maybe it is me.  One of us is stupid.

RT – All you Liberals chomping at the bit to bombard me with facts, figures, “Expert opinions”, surveys, and “studies have shown” with regard to the above opinions: don’t bother.  I am a conservative and not interested in facts, “Experts” or studies!   

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