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Monday, July 25, 2011



Concerts and operas and shows with magicians;
Getting much older and losing friends through attrition.

Waking at night and having to pee;

These are the reasons I hate being me.

When the Yanks win, when I drink gin;

When I’m feeling glad.

I simply remember all of these crappy things;

And then I just feel so mad.

A fly in my ice tea, a broken down telly;

My seat at the movies next to a guy that is smelly.

My razor is rusty the aftershave stings;

These are some of my least favorite things.

When the sun shines, when I drink wine
When I’m feeling grand.
I simply remember my least favorite things;

And then I feel like shit! And I get really cranky, and I hate that fucking happy Julie Andrew’s whiskers on kittens shit!
Sorry, I’m running short on material.

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  1. Lol Joe...reading this kind of reminded me of your alternative lyrics for Imagine in your truly wonderful book - which I have thoroughly enjoyed reading.

    Wanted to pick your brain on ways and means of getting published, as S has been wanting to get a book he wrote published - thought you might have some worthwhile suggestions.

    Oh and anyone reading my comment, who hasn't read Joe's book yet - you should get it - I have laughed hard and giggled like a little kid reading it....a wonderful escape, whilst looking at life!

    Lou :-) xxx

    PS. Once I get over the jetlag (one of my least favourite things)I intend to give you a big plug on my blog for your book because it definitely is one of my favourite

  2. Joe, thanks for supporting my hop. Because my kids read it, would you please substitute other words in place of the swear words or else just put a warning about the language.

    Thanks for so faithfully contributing to my hop every week. I always look forward to reading your posts.