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Saturday, July 9, 2011



Friday was my last full day of a two week vacation at Lavallette, N.J. on the Jersey Shore.  I may have been a bit crankier than usual these past two weeks.  Our apartment was twenty yards from the beach, but it was small.  Visiting were five grandchildren, three children (Oldest son Mike is in Colorado recovering from an operation) a daughter-in-law and two step children. 
I love going to the beach, reading, sleeping and taking an occasional dip in the ocean.  I hate going to the water-park and the boardwalk.  The three nicest beach days of the vacation I spent at the water-park and the boardwalk.  I may have been cranky. 

The last night of the vacation I took Mrs. Cranky out to eat at one of the nicer Lavallette restaurants.  One steamed Maine Lobster, two vodka gimlets and a glass of wine later and I was feeling very calm and relaxed.   We had to leave our apartment today by two o’clock; plenty of time to sleep late, pack, and head home.
Returning to the apartment after dinner Spencer surprised me with a request.  A friend called him and invited him at the last minute to go to today’s Yankee baseball game against Tampa Bay.

Anyone who knows me will tell you I am not good at last minute plans.  My immediate response was no.  Actually it was NO FUCKING WAY! 
“We have to leave the shore by at least ten o’clock to get to the game in time.”
“Actually Dad they want to get to the game early and tailgate.  We need to leave by eight.”

Enter Mrs. Cranky.

“Joe he really wants to go.  We can pack tonight, get up early, you can take him to his friends and I’ll clean up with Peter and Casey.”


We were up today at 6:30, packed the car, left the shore at 8:00 and I dropped Spencer off at his friend’s house at 9:30.

The first inning of today’s game Derek Jeter, Spencer’s favorite Yankee, singled between third and short.  It was his 2999th career hit.  No Yankee has ever had 3000 hits in his career.  In the third inning, at 2 o’clock, number 2, the Yankee Captain, Derek Jeter, drilled a ball into the left field stands for a homerun.  His 3000 career hit!!  A freaking HOMERUN!! Jeter became the 28th player in history to collect 3000 hits and the first New York Yankee to do it.

I almost did not let Spencer go to this game.

Thank you Mrs. Cranky for not letting me become THE WORST FATHER EVER!!
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  1. Wow Joe! I am sure that crankiness aside you would not have really stopped Spencer from going to the game. Mrs Cranky just helped you reach that decision a lot quicker than you would have on your own - I have faith in you!

    To be honest my boys, George and Henry, have spent the day making me feel like I am the worst mother ever because tomorrow morning I fly to LA without them, and they have to spend the next 2 weeks at home with their big sister instead. George even asked if he could go and stay with my Mum instead, and he doesn't ask to se her that often "cos she shouts a lot!"

    So feel good about yourself - you are still a great Dad I'm sure, and I am a terrible Mum, for today at least!

    Am looking forward to getting to LA and spending some time in the back yard with a glass of wine and a good book (that'll be yours I think) under the blazing cali sun!

    Lou :-)


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