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Sunday, July 24, 2011



Why do people skip?  Well, why do kids skip?  Only children skip.

Skipping does not make any sense.  It is slower to skip than it is to run and it takes more energy.  Children are encouraged to take that first walking step.  Running is just really fast walking.  Skipping?  What is that? 

Parents do not teach their children to skip.  I wouldn’t even know how to teach skipping.  Kids just do it.  Mostly girls skip although I vaguely remember skipping as a child.  For some reason kids stop skipping at around ten years old.  I think boys stop earlier.  Kids sometimes hold hands and skip.  They don’t hold hands and run, they seldom hold hands and walk and if they do, walking and hand holding usually ends up in skipping.

I don’t think kids ever skip unless they are happy.  They will walk unhappy.  They will run when they are unhappy.  It is not possible for an unhappy child to skip.

Skipping is the only form of transportation that has never resulted in a race.  There are walking races in the Olympics.  Swimmers race, runners race, skiers race, bicycles, cars, skateboards, sleds, skates, boats, airplanes, trucks, hopping in a potato sack, every possible form of forward motion has always resulted in someone saying “Let’s race!”  I have never heard of a skipping race.  Skipping is happy, it just cannot get competitive.

I think maybe because it makes no sense, because it looks silly, people stop skipping after the age of ten.  Kids don’t care what looks silly; they don’t care what makes sense, if they have an emotion, they will show it.  When children are happy, when they are excited, they skip.  When I see children skip, it makes me happy, it makes me smile. 

Maybe the world would be better off if we all remembered how to skip.  If the boss gives you a raise, skip back to your cubicle.  If you are going to buy a new car, skip to the dealer.  That girl agrees to marry you, skip around the room.  You pass the bar exam, skip to the bar. 

Would this show of happiness upset those around us who were not as fortunate?  Do we need to control our emotions as grownups or risk hurting other peoples’ feelings?  As grownups when we are really happy, we feel we have to tone down our emotions.

I think some people are unhappy and suffer from depression because they are afraid to skip.  Come on everyone let it all hang out. 

It is time we remember how to SKIP!
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  1. I skip all the time :D aaaand I think that that is half the reason that people think I am a looney.

  2. Doesn't skipping come from learning to use a skipping rope - something that here in the UK they do have races for when kids are in school.

    I agree though - it is only kids that skip, well most of the time...Some crazy people like me skip, but then I work with small kids, so it's kind of expected methinks!

    Perhaps adults should skip more - maybe it would promote happiness, cos once again you are right, only happy kids skip!

    Have a good one Joe

    Lou :-)

    OMG - I just looked up at the pic of the previous person that had commented on this to you, and realised that it is infact my beautiful daughter, A. I can vouch for her looniness!!!


  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I couldn't tell you the last time I skipped. Might give it a whirl this weekend. Show my daughter how it's done, as long as I can remember how to do it myself :)

  4. Made me giggle. Thanks.

    Skipping is actually the developmental milestone that follows jumping. So technically, all children should learn how to do it and do a fair bit of it to be developmentally on track!