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Wednesday, July 20, 2011



The kid that gave up his lunch money everyday has found his revenge.  The wimp who had sand kicked in his face is getting back.  That nerd you dissed when he asked you to the prom has found his voice.  These disenfranchised losers have become INTERNET BULLIES.

You find them everywhere on the internet.  I first encountered these bullies playing online poker.  Everyone on the table is either silent, or engages in pleasant chatter; everyone except the BULLY.  There is a bully on every table.

E - “Good luck everybody”

B – “Fuck you, you loser asshole!”

E – “??WTF?”

B – “Give me your chips fag!”

One thing about the bully is everyone is a fag.  Issues? Maybe!

I used to fight back with these losers.

Me – Why are you so nasty?

B – Because I hate old faggots.

Me – Oh yeah?  You’re gay!

B – You’re gay and I f***ed your mother.  (Also standard they have all had sex with my mother…issues much?)

Me – You are a big fat stupid head!

This goes on forever.  The only time I ever shut one of these bullies up went like this:

B - “You are an old gay asshole”

Me – “Are you a tough guy?”

B – “I could kick your sorry ass with one hand tied behind my back!”

Me – “Have you ever killed anyone with a knife?”

B – “….Have you?”

Me – “It really is not pretty.”

The bully left the table.  This is very rare; generally an anonymous person on facebook or online poker cannot stop these losers from bullying. 

Then I found the magic button – MUTE.

Me – “You are a pathetic loser who has been picked on your whole life and has never had sex of any kind outside your own bathroom you flaming simpleton asshole!  Oh...reply if you will, but you are now on MUTE! This is much like your real life when the whole world has forever had you on MUTE!

By the time I finished this tirade I felt really good except that without realizing it I folded a full house!


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  1. I wish there was a mute button in real life. I could make GOOD use of that.

  2. The best cure for this sort of business is to stop playing poker! Thanks for Rewinding Cranky x


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