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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Who Are They Protecting?

Who Are They Protecting?

By who (I think it should be whom, but that just sounds stupid and stuffy to me) I mean politicians and lawyers.  I do not want to disparage all politicians and lawyers, by no means, but sometimes when they do their job to protect us, just the opposite is the result.


Yeah, that is a bit of a jumble, here is the thing:

This morning I saw another of those TV ads that if you own a TV you have seen and made fun of. (Please don’t tell me how proud you are that you do not own or watch TV, first of all you are lying and secondly that is like being proud of not yet succumbing to indoor plumbing).  (And dammit yes you can end a sentence a preposition with…well sometimes).

Did I just interject a thought with double parenthesis comments?  I think I did…I do apologize.


This ad was for “Oh-something” a drug which did not cure Fatal Toe Fungus, or FTF, but was shown to extend a person’s life who suffers FTF by almost three weeks… (better buy this stuff quick). AND, I love this, they claim

‘You may even lose some weight!’

Fuck gaining three more weeks of life, I want to lose some pounds! 

I assume that “Oh-something” was another invention in a long line of scientific breakthroughs discovered by Oprah “The Magnificent,” but I could be wrong.

After explaining how “Oh-something” could get you another three weeks of Fatal Toe Fungus misery, the ad followed with the usual warnings of possible negative effects from flatulence, bleeding from the eyeballs to attempts to shoot yourself.  It then thoughtfully suggests that if you have any of these symptoms you should call a doctor…DUH!  It of course ends with my favorite warning,

“If you are allergic to ‘Oh-something’, stop taking it.”

Like, if you are allergic to something, you would take it in the first place?

Anyway, and finally I will make my point.


Oh yeah, my point.  My point is that these warnings which are supposed to protect us do not protect us at all.  They are clearly made to protect Oprah’s ass so you can not sue her if ANYTHING goes wrong. 

Rather than fight a frivolous law suit claiming a drug caused a person to have a low IQ, they can simply claim “We warned you!”

These warnings do not protect you, they only make you ignore any real potential problems with the drug and take the damn stuff anyway.


 It’s kind of like your mom before you leave the house, “Its cold, wear a hat, don’t forget your umbrella, there is a pot hole on third avenue, and sometimes the accelerator gets stuck and the car won’t stop!”

I think the same thing tends to happen with Government regulations.  In an attempt to save citizens from anything bad possibly happening, politicians invented regulations.

Yes, regulations are necessary, for instance stopping at a red light is an example of a good regulation. 

However, if you put a red light at every corner, even corners with little- to zippity-do-dah traffic, it does not take long for people to ignore those lights and eventually just run through the lights that do have heavy traffic…see the problem there? 

Ok, might not be my best analogy, but there are regulations in our lives and in production, banking and service industries that are so silly and miniscule that people take short cuts, or even pay off inspectors just to move on with their life.  Sometimes stupid miniscule regulations are confused with something really important, and bingo…big problem.

Apparently, that torque pressure on the dingle valve of oil pump number three was more important than the drop of water on a ramp.  One regulation is to avoid slipping and bruising your heiney, the other is to prevent the oil rig from blowing up, killing dozens of people and polluting the entire Gulf of Mexico. 

Probably should have adjusted the torque…oh well!

I could go on about regulations, warnings, car recalls and more, but I forgot what the heck my point was going to be.  I may have already made it…I’m not sure, but this post has exceeded my normal 500-word per post regulation.

I’m old, I only have sixteen readers, so who cares what my point was going to be? 

“Say yes to the dress” is about to come on TV. 

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  1. Phew! Thank goodness I have a mind of my own. Warnings I listen to - then use my own judgement, etc etc. Plus, I know when to switch off the Well, if you had British telly you would probably never switch it on - yes, it's that bad!

  2. Yea to losing a few pounds, and I can handle bleeding from the eyeballs. Just so long as I have no constipation and/or diarrhea. (I never no what to take pre-emptively. Guess wrong and it's a LOOOONG day.)

  3. I got your point. I don't think any of our TV ads are quite that stupid (yet), but the warnings on many appliances etc are over the top. They have to be, so the companies don't get sued by the one idiot in the world who uses the appliance or product wrongly and injures himself/herself. Of course you knew this already.....

  4. My favorite is an asthma medicine that has as a possible side-effect "asthma related death." Who wants to take that chance?

  5. We have "health and safety" here in the UK which seems to make some bizarre regulations! Although often when people blame health and safety regs there are, in fact, no such rules but they are erring on the side of caution because they don't want to get sued if something goes wrong.

  6. Oh those commercials for drugs...they drive me crazy (okay crazier than I already am which is probably from watching too many drug commercials) and how the HECK are you supposed to know if you are allergic to something until you take it? And now there are commercials explaining why the Canadian government legalized marijuana...the wonderful, reasonable explanations don't mention the REAL reason which is they are going to make a .pile of money.

  7. I never understood those "don't take if allergic to XYZ." It is a new drug and you won't know your are allergic till you take it, then have a reaction. Also my favorite horror reaction was years ago when a health product could produce "oily gas." Oh horrors.

  8. The point of those drug commercials is to make you ASK your doctor for something you saw on TV that you might not have been aware of. It will cost you or your insurance a lot of money, to pay for the TV commercials. Which increase the enormous profits of the drug companies. The regulations are there to protect the drug companies from losing their enormous profits through wrongful death lawsuits. So...regulations are all about money!

  9. You want to talk about regulations? I live in California where regulations are a way of life and most of them won't help you lose weight, just takes money out of your wallet so our loony government can spend, spend and spend.

    Okay, I'm off my soapbox.

    Have a happy Halloween, Cranky. 😎

  10. Why would anyone take any of the meds advertised on TV after reading all the disclaimers?

  11. Happy Halloween, and i hope none of us ever need any of those meds.

  12. We don't listen to commercials ~ we mute the tv when they come on, and sometimes it's pretty funny to try to guess what's being advertised (not always obvious). My favorite are warning labels on stuff like plastic bags "THIS IS NOT A TOY!", gee really? I realize it's a safety thing, but it reminds me of the average IQ these days, which always makes me want to sign up to be a colonist on Mars.

  13. It took me a while to realize that every single drug has the exact same list of warnings.

  14. Ah ... you can't be too careful !!! A friend of mine is such a hypochondriac that he has made arrangements that when he dies he will be buried next to a doctor.

    God bless.

  15. Hahaha!

    Brilliant Joe. Which I'd thought of this idea.

  16. they only protect themselves and you know this so well i believe dear Joe!

    when on t.v with smoking character writing appears "smoking kills " looks so funny and confusing

  17. Those drug disclaimers scare me so much that I'm afraid I'm just going to say "no" to ANY drug. Dying of high blood pressure and cholesterol seems like a much safer alternative...