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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The Rebel

The Rebel

I pay my taxes and hardly cheat on them at all.  I drive the speed limit or less at all times.  I signal before turning.  I feed the parking meter even if I am only running in and out of the store.  You may think I am a ‘Goody-Two Shoes,” but I am not, I am a REBEL.

For instance.

Just the other day I was reminded that I could not make my normal recycle stop (cans, bottles and cardboard) as it was a holiday and I would not be able to go for another week as we would be busy.

“No problem, I’ll go to the center in my old town, I think they are open every day.”

“Don’t you have to be a resident?”

(You do have to be a resident, but in 15 years of  trips to recycle centers of two different towns, I have never been asked to show proof of residency.)

“Yeah, but I’m a REBEL!

“OK, and while you are in town, stop at the bank, there is a branch in town and we need cash.”

Driving to the recycle center, I have it all in my mind what to say if they ask for ID.  They have never asked for ID before, but a REBEL must be prepared.

“Why yes, my license says Sayreville, I just moved to town last week to an apartment on Green Street.”  

I was sure that would work.  I practiced it several times.  I almost started to sweat a little, but a REBEL never sweats.

Turns out the recycle center was closed.  “Damn.”

Next stop the bank.

The bank is on main street, and there is usually street parking.  This day they were repairing sidewalks and street parking was limited.

“No problem,” I said to myself, “I’ll park behind the bank.”

Behind the bank, parking was not for the bank, it was for the drug stope only.  ALL OTHERS WILL BE TOWED!!

“Ha!  They don’t know they are dealing with a REBEL!

I parked in a drugstore parking spot…yeah I did, I am a REBEL.  I marched through the drug store to get to the entrance of the bank next door.  While I did so, I stopped at a few places and pretended to be shopping.

A REBEL can’t be too cautious.

I slipped out the front of the drugstore without being challenged, went next door and took out cash from the ATM.

Going back to my car, I stopped at the drug store counter, I figured if I bought a pack of gum I technically wouldn’t be breaking any rule.  I waited by the counter for about two minutes and there was no one there to take my 2 dollars.

“Screw it, I’m not waiting for this if they don’t have someone manning the register, then I am leaving.”

Besides, I am a REBEL.


  1. The rules are tiresome, aren't they? My city actually does check ID for recycle drop off of special items. If we were real rebels, we'd just throw those fluorescent lights in the garbage.

  2. I was surprised to read that you have to produce ID for recycling. I don't think we have such rules. Still, it's nice to be rebellious at times.

  3. Ha ha, Johnny Yuma lives---almost. Tentative maybe and with a back up story but still a REBEL

  4. We need more rebels like you, Cranky. Just saying.

    Have a fabulous day. 😎

  5. Ha ha.... this reminded me of going to the hardware store to use their washroom, as the thrift store I was in did not have one. And yes I too paused to look at some power hammer !!

  6. A naughty Rebel in many ways, but you are doing stuff we all have done. We end up buying something in McDonalds just to use their john.

  7. I'm assuming you didn't go through the store like the photo above..I mean, a rebel without a shirt and a gun too...I think you've got this.

  8. What you need is a disapproving glance from a police academy cadet while you're in the vicinity of a patrol car. That should scare the REBEL right out of you!

  9. Some of us rebel by refusing to rebel. Reverse psychology.

  10. I'm a bit of a rebel too. If I'm out and need to pee, I'll head into the nearest fast food outlet and use the restroom, then head straight back out without buying anything. And I've stood guard by the men's restrooms for my daughters (when they were young) if the women's room waiting line was too long.
    I'm not much of a rebel for anything else though.


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