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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Maybe it’s not so Worthless

Maybe it’s not so Worthless

My cell phone was acting up lately.  Mrs. C would call and after one ring the phone would immediately go to voice mail.   Even though the phone was right next to me, it did not ring.  I did get phone calls, maybe not all, how to know?

Anyway, Mrs. C said I just needed a new phone, the old one, an iPhone 5C, was over 6 years old.

I got a new phone, not the latest model, they are too big, but new.

I enquired about getting any money for my old phone, but was told it was old and basically worthless.  They offered to dispose of it for me in an environmentally safe way.  

I declined, not sure why.  My last phone went to the grandkids as they could still play games and watch cartoons on it.  I think they are past that phase now.

It dawned on me; the old phone could no longer send or receive text messages or phone calls, but…

It could still access the internet. 

Siri still would answer questions.

It would still send and receive emails.

GPS worked, I could check stock prices, I could check the weather.
It still took and stored quality pictures and videos.
It still had miscellaneous functions like: It is a clock, a calendar, a TV, a compass, a flashlight, a calculator, a voice recorder, a message saver, and has access to stuff that I have not even explored. 

This worthless phone still does functions that twenty years ago would have cost me:

Video camcorder - $500

Camera - $300

MPS player - $250

Access to the internet - $1000

GPS - $1500 and not as accurate.
Misc. Functions: $225

The way I see it, this worthless old phone is actually worth almost $3775.

Of course, it doesn’t do anything that can’t be done by the new phone that is always in my reach, still I think I will hang on to it for a while.


  1. I like your math and how you came up with the value of $3775. LOL

  2. There are places where you can donate old cell phones, although if it doesn't receive calls that's probably not a great option! Good idea on keeping it though.

  3. Why not ask if the not receiving calls is a problem that can be fixed? Maybe the app for that somehow jut got disabled? I'm amazed at what phones can do these days, yet the minute the calls don't work, all that technology is tossed away without a second thought. Except for you, joeh, I'm glad to hear you are holding on to it. It may come in very useful.

  4. Sounds like it’s still got some life in it, and i do like your way of thinking.

  5. River beat me to it, yes I was going to say the same thing. Phones can be fixed but I fell into the trap of buying a new one.

  6. I'm sure they were not offering to take it off your hands just to be nice. There's got to be a money-making aspect to it.

  7. I too was wondering if the call problem couldn't have been fixed. Of course they wouldn't tell you if they could sell you a new one. I had a similar problem recently with my land line and it was a simple fix of a new capacitor. Sounds like it has a bunch of functions left. Might be a good back up in an emergency. Smart move.

  8. You are so very correct. Keeping the old phone makes sense.

    $3775...good deal.

  9. Some of my older readers fail to understand the concept of no one fixes stuff anymore! Try to find a TV repairman, or have your mixer repaired or your toaster. These days they just get chucked and we buy new stuff. My iPhone was like 6 years old, that is 98 in smart phone years. They don't fix them they sell new ones. If anyone can tell me where to find a cell phone repair man I will give it a try; until then, it still has a lot of really cool functions that did not even exist 20 years ago.

    Fix a cell phone that is 6 years old...millenials are all getting a really good chuckle over that concept!

  10. i think you can keep it for functions that still work or for the years you spent with it

    and buy one small cheap phone which can call and text " i mean the job for which the phone used to be made for once "

  11. Who the heck needs a cell phone for phone calls???


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