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Monday, September 24, 2018

Kitchen Drawers

Kitchen Drawers
 Our new kitchen is finally finished.  One really cool feature is that the drawers all pull completely out.  The entire drawer when pulled out is easily accessible; even all the way in the back.  I remember drawers that you could pull completely out, except they would then fall out and empty their contents on the floor. 

The kitchen drawers I’m used to have stops to keep from pulling them all the way out and on the floor.  They pull out about three quarters of the way. If you want something in the back you have to feel for it.  To me, a drawer that pulls all the way out without spilling on the floor is very exciting.

I couldn’t wait to show this excellent feature to Mrs. Cranky. 

“Did you know the drawers pull all the way out?”

“So?  All drawers pull all the way out.”

“What?  No they don’t!  Most drawers pull only three quarters of the way out.”

“Ok and…?”

“And this is a really big deal.  The drawers pull all the way out!  Plus if you give them a slight nudge they close by themselves”

"Ooh, that should save a lot of effort; no more drawer closing push!"

"It is really cool...these drawers are REALLY FRICKING COOL!!"

“Ok.  Whoop-dee-doo.  No need to have a drawergasm over it!”


Mrs. C. can take the shine off of chrome.

This cranky re-run is from September 2012.


  1. Well, new style drawers make for great conversations.... I'm still giggling!

  2. I love that drawer! What a great idea. Whoever designed that deserves a gold medal. Another thing I like that I rarely see, is double width drawers. I saw these in a house for sale when I was trawling real estate sites a few years ago and I saved the image because if I ever get the chance to build a house I'll have some of these.

  3. Mrs Cranky is a woman after my own heart! My husband is a cabinet-maker, specialising in kitchens. He's very picky and has a “fingertip test for drawers”. During his training – many, many moons ago – he was taught to fit drawers so that if you pulled them out six inches they would slide back in smoothly without having to move them up or down or jiggle them. These days, like yours, drawers are often "soft close" but he still does this fingertip test on furniture . He’s been known to randomly check drawers in other people’s houses, which can be embarrassing!

  4. Actually they sound marvelous. I rarely know what is in the backs of mine. Probably why I end up buying something I all ready have.
    Still giggling over Drawergasm.

  5. Maybe she needs a special drawer, just for her kitchen scissors and vegetable brush! That IS a cool feature.

  6. Bwahahahahahahaha. Drawergasm. Now I've heard it all. You had it too didn't you.

    Have a fabulous day and week. 😎

  7. We got those drawers when we had our ew kitchen installed over 11 years ago now....sadly ours don't have the 'soft close' feature but yup....those drawes are nothing short of magic.

  8. I have under the sink cupboard shelves that work like that--I love them!!

  9. The future is amazing and Mrs. Cranky doesn't even notice.

  10. Mr. C, i’m with you on this, those drawers are Way Cool!

  11. She apparently has never dumped a drawer full of spoons and forks onto the floor. I would love to have some new drawers....wait. That didn't sound right.