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Friday, March 30, 2018

A Dinner Conversation

A Dinner Conversation
I went out to dinner the other night with Mrs. C.  We go out for dinner a lot.  Mrs. C works three nights a week and does not particularly like to cook, so we eat out at least twice a week and do take-out or instant frozen food other nights.  When she is working, I grill for myself.
Anyway; we did dinner out the other night. 
What do you talk about when dining out?  When you’ve been together almost ten years, you kind of run out of dinner conversation material.
Usually we people watch and talk about the other diners.  Sometimes we make up scenarios about the other diners.
“Look at that couple, you know that they are married, but not to each other.”
“Yeah, they’re doing the googly eye thing and they are too old for that if they were married to each other. Maybe they are just dating.”
“At 6:30? Way too early, that is getting-off-work-and-fooling-around time.  They probably have a motel room around the block that they are going back to until he is through ‘Working late’”.
This night was not a good night for people watching.
Mrs. C was working on a loaf of bread they gave us, pulling off the crust and dipping it in butter while we were waiting for our entre.
“The crust is the best part, I wonder why kids always fight about eating it.”
“Because parents always ask if they want the crust cut off.  My parents never asked, and if you ate around it you got a lecture about starving kids in China.”
“Yes, and then the lecture how the crust is the healthiest part of the loaf, which it is.”
“How is it the healthiest?  It’s all the same ingredients, the crust is just the part that gets the direct heat and gets…well…crusty.”
“It is healthier, I read it someplace.”
“Baloney, just another parent myth to make kids eat the crust.”
“I always wonder why kids don’t like the crust, but they think the best part of pudding is the skin on the top.”
“There isn’t skin on pudding anymore.”
“What!  Why not?”
“Everyone now buys processed ready to eat out of a container pudding, not the stuff from the mix that sits in the fridge and gets the skin on each cup of pudding.”
“Really?  Bummer. I haven’t had pudding in years.  I’d want the skin part.”
“Sorry, you’re out of luck.”
“Hey, look at this couple that just came in.  She is way older, I’ll bet she’s what they call a cougar.”
“Maybe, but I think it is just a mom and her son.”
“Here comes our dinner, eat fast or we’ll miss the beginning of “Say Yes to the Dress.”
Life with the Cranky’s…it just does not get more exciting.


  1. We are both so darn busy that we rarely go out to eat anymore....but when we go out tomorrow, I think we'll sit and watch the other diners and make up stories. Sounds like fun!

  2. It sounds like a pleasant way to spend an evening.

  3. I usually dine alone but I always sit where I can see everyone in the place. 1. Oops! Zipper down. Tell wife when she goes by. Much laughter from that table. 2. That one does not need to eat more. Etc. I get much enjoyment just looking around.

  4. I make my own pudding still, so there is always skin on it. let me know when you are visiting and I'll make you some. Bread crust is good for you, but not any healthier than the rest of the bread, the goodness is that it exercises the jaw through the extra chewing involved and gives the teeth something to do as well.
    I almost never dine out, usually only when a family birthday is celebrated at a restaurant.

  5. How well I remember the conversations we had whilst eating out. I swear people watching was the best part of the outing!!!

  6. We've been married coming up 44 years...when we eat out I look out the window and he looks at the public television on the ceiling. There just isn't muh to talk about least...not in public anyway.

  7. I've always enjoyed people-watching, but I've never had the kind of fun conversations like you wrote about. I think it's because of my favorite aunt. She liked to comment about the people around us... loudly... and it was rarely complimentary. It mortified me when I was a teenager. But what you're talking about sounds like fun. Maybe my hubby and I will give it a try next time we go out to eat.

    We've been married nearly 49 years, and most of the time, we still find something to yammer about. So far.

  8. Having someone to people-watch with is fantastic. I don't have anyone to share my people-watching revelaitons with. It's the best part of people-watching.

  9. The other people watching YOU were probably saying, "Look. That man will only let his wife have the crust. JERK!"

  10. I love the crust the very best of all. Hubby makes sure I always have the crust. He's good that way.

    Looks like you guys do the same as we do. We only go out about once a month though. Hubby LOVES to cook. I'm happy to do the cleanup.

    Have a fabulous day. Happy Easter to you both. ☺

  11. People watching is fun and making up stories about them even more fun. You definitely lean towards the more R rated scenarios.

  12. Ah! The skin on the pudding! But then, I seem to remember you had to boil the milk first, so I always waited until my mother made some for us.

  13. We often make ups stories about other diners. We've been married 44 years in May, but we always find something interesting to talk about. Outliers?

  14. I love to do that kind of people watching at airports! You can really come up with some great stories about the people there.