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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Bring on the Sunshine

Bring on the Sunshine

With Winter fading out ever so slowly and days of sun growing longer I once again observe a yearly phenomenon.  Losing weight.

Now I do like the Winter and snow, for a while, but when spring comes calling, I am ready.  I also lose weight.  Is it just me?  Every year I vow to drop a few pounds after the holidays, and every year, regardless of how much I diet or go to the gym my weight stays the same.

I just about give up on dropping any pounds, when along comes daylight savings and in a week the weight starts to fall.  I wondered, is this just me and so I Googled it.

It seems there is a correlation between sun light and weight control.

The article I read theorized that sunlight shrinks fat cells.  Hmmm.

I have another theory.  I think the body wants to maintain a constant weight based on food availability.  Evolution has genetically programmed us to have a slower metabolism in the Winter when food historically was less abundant.  In the spring and summer when food was historically more abundant our metabolism speeds up.

The food supply also aids this fat programming.  In the fall sugary fruits are plentiful and carbo full grains are harvested.  Holidays where food plays a prominent role come just before the coming cold and snow.

We feast and gorge ourselves to fatten up much like bears before hibernation, and we burn calories slowly.  When the days grow longer a switch goes off in our brain that says “burn baby burn” as the body will need to be lighter and faster to gather food and dodge predators.

That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.  Works for me, fatter in the winter when you need insulation and heavy clothes cover up that belly; lean and mean in the warm weather to stay cool.

So I say, stop the guilt with those Winter pounds.  Fill up during the Holidays and enjoy, pack on that fat to get you through a Winter of sparse food supplies, when the days grow longer, your body will know what to do.

Also, you should probably eat better and go to the gym.      


  1. If sunlight shrank fat cells, Australia would be filled with skinny people.

  2. We had a couple of sunny days and I swear the jeans felt looser so perhaps your theory realy works. Or was I dreaming?

  3. This probably works quite well for most men. Most women will tell you it is just as hard to lose weight in spring and summer as in winter and fall. Our bodies are programmed to keep weight just in case a famine comes while we are pregnant, and not lose it for any reason other than actual starvation.

  4. Okay...first sunny day I'm going to stand outside in the sun and waith for the fat cells to long ass he sun doesn't shrink brain cells. My dad used to call me a 'fat heat' so I'm a little worried about that.

  5. Your theory makes as much sense as any I have heard -- more sense than sunlight shrinking fat cells.
    I am learning that grains and gluten are not my friends and that if I want dairy products I am going to be nothing more than a mucus factory and, as a happy consequence, I am losing a few pounds.

  6. This makes sense to me. I haven’t noticed losing weight in the spring but I don’t weigh that often.

  7. It's a good theory, but I'm not feeling it. I've been trying to lose weight myself, but so far no luck. I've been taking a Rx steroid medication for an immune system condition I have, and I'm told that is like a brick wall that dieting and exercise can't penetrate. Bummer. I envy your ability to just stand there in the sunshine and get skinny.

  8. Your metabolism theory makes sense. Also when the weather warms, we move more. Could also have some bearing.

  9. Well, I stop GAINING pounds, so does that count? I seem to gain blubber mass over the winter, then replace it with muscle mass in the Spring so my Doc is always unhappy as those last 80lbs never seem to come off ....

  10. Now that you mention it...I have dropped 9 pounds since the time changed. Might just be a coincidence with my renewed efforts starting that weekend...but it's usually not so fast.

  11. you are so Smart to understand the connection between weather and weight
    and you are clever enough to shape up yourself accordingly

  12. Interesting theory. Makes sense to me.

    Even Maris (the never-seen wife of Niles Crane on "Frasier") gained "a holiday pound" one winter!


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