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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

A Cranky Observation

A Cranky Observation
Not so much a cranky observation as an observation by Cranky.
One of my favorite TV quiz shows is back.  Missing for several years, now back as new episodes and also in reruns is “Cash Cab.”
Do you watch?  You should, it is a rip. 

Comedian Ben Baily drives a cab and unsuspecting riders are invited to play the game.  They answer questions of increasing difficulty on the way to their destination.  They run up money for all correct answers, but if they miss three before they arrive at their stop, they get nothing and are kicked out of the cab on the spot.
Ben Baily is very funny, and the reactions of the riders are also funny, especially when they realize they have boarded “The Cash Cab.”
The questions are not incredibly difficult, but sadly with my sieve of a brain I don’t think I would ever reach my destination.  If they were multiple choice I would clean up, but most of the time I am like,
“Ooh ooh, the bald dude, the one with that show, the phycologist, his wife is named Robin, you know, we watch every day…damn, damn.”
“I’m sorry, time is up; it’s Dr. Phil.”
Anyway, my observations are about the differences of the old and young contestants.
The young passengers know all the internet crap and new stuff.  They suck at old stuff.
For instance, I’d be yelling, “How am I supposed to know what the hell ‘Snapchat’ is?” or “I can’t believe they never heard of ‘Camptown Racetrack’!”
At the end of every ride where the contestants do not get three wrong, they keep the money or get the chance at one more question to go for double or nothing.
Invariably, young contestants, most who look like they really can't afford to lose the money they just won, risk it anyway.  “Why not, go big or go home!” or “Let’s try, we had nothing when we got in the cab.”
The older contestants, many who look like they are dripping with money, never go for the final question.  “We’ll take the money, it would ruin a fun trip if we lost.” Or “I’m happy with what we won, I’ll just take the cash.”
That’s it, I have no snappy ending to this post, it was just an observation about a fun TV show.
Watch it, and don't be surprised if someday you are visiting NYC, you hop in a cab, lights go off, and you hear Ben holler, “You guys are in the Cash Cab!”


  1. only watched few times but not my type .

    used to watch a show in which contestant
    s had to eat insects YAKIES

    Joe if i have nothing in hand and they ask me to eat insects so you can be milioner i know i will never ever do this .
    that one was horrible but still i watched it by skipping the insects eating section .

  2. I like that show. Too bad Canada doesn't have a 'cash cab'.

  3. I never watched it and never even heard of this show before. Good thing I read your blog because if I ever got in a NYC cab and the lights went on I would have jumped out immediately. Well, I still might because I know I would be stranded in some unknown part of the city and then I would cry.

  4. Never heard of this show until now. I'll never be in NYC so running into this guy will not happen. I'm okay with that.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  5. It would be fun if it were a group. If alone, i might end up out on the streets.

  6. I used to watch this all the time with Genius. Right now, HE would be the one to take his winnings and run, while I would try to double my cash. I guess that means he's an old soul, and I'm young at heart...

  7. I used to watch it all the time! I'm glad to know it's back on and I'll have to look for it. I would watch it and think if I ever got in that cab I would want my Mom with me because there were always questions that if you knew the Greek word you could win. Also my hubby has a brain full of stuff that always amazes me when he spouts out the name of a rock band or a science tidbit. Me, I would be OK if they asked about gallbladders or total joints...after that I'm lost.

  8. I have watched this show in the past and you are right it is really good, I'd be like the older crowd at the end, I'd be taking my money and running...or hobbling away slowly.

  9. Totally forgot about this show. It is a good one. I'm pretty sure I'd be calling another cab to get me home tho. :)


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