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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Men Think; Women Feel

Men Think; Women Feel

OK, before you get your shorts all twisted…IN GENERAL!

When we discuss genders or race or religion or anything today we have to say “IN GENERAL” or be prepared to be hit with opposing examples, and stamped with a negative label, so to this topic…IN GENERAL!!



When discussing any topic, when making a decision, men think and women feel.  Perhaps that is why men dominate fields like math and science, women excel in occupations that require empathy and character assement,


Just listen to almost any conversation between a man and a woman.

 Invariably the man will start a comment with, “Well, I just think that…”

The woman will almost always respond, “I feel that…”

Often thinking and feeling come to the same conclusions.

Global warming:

“I think that increasing carbon dioxide to the atmosphere is going to trap heat and add to global warming.”

“I feel that constant burning of coal and oil just has to add to warming the planet!”

Sometimes thinking loses out to feeling.

Picking a contractor:

“I like Mr. Perkins, he had all the right answers, I think he really knows his stuff and would do a great job.”

“I don’t know, he just feels creepy to me.”

Do Not Hire Mr. Perkins!

Sometimes thinking is better than feeling.

“I think we would be better off with a van as our family is growing.”

“I feel like the little convertible is just sooo cute.”

I think it is this different way of viewing the world and making decisions that makes for a successful partnership of a man and a woman.  Men need to learn trust his wife’s feelings, women need to give credibility to what a man thinks.

Mrs. C feels I am all wrong about this.


  1. I try to say "I believe" when I'm writing, as opposed to "I feel" or "I think." This is a little weird, because I'm not sure I believe anything.

    The fact is, though, that people's gut feelings are probably more reliable than their so-called rational decisions based on the available evidence, anyway.

    I don't know, though. I'll have to think about it... I think.

  2. i think that "feeling" is many step ahead than just"thinking"

    I agree with Shakespeare that women have special ability to harmonize the various way of thinking at same time and can be more foresighted than men

  3. I think I think more than I feel.... now look what you've done, I shall be examining my words forevermore. Will practice on the cat so I don't get anything wrong.

  4. I feel that thinking is highly over rated lol.

  5. I get slammed for this, too. The Ms is always wanting to know how I "feel"? OK, sometimes I feel hungry, or tired, or I often feel the referee blew the call. She doesn't like the way I "feel". And I don't like the way she "thinks". I'd call that a draw. ;)

  6. I "think" I may become a partial Yankee fan this year for I "feel" VERY sad when the #2 batter in the Marlin's lineup is no longer Stanton. You are welcome.

  7. I never ask my husband how he feels. I have asked him what he thinks though. I do feel things though. Like if I burn my hand on the stove. I workout too hard and feel all the sore muscles.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. ☺

  8. When I say I feel a certain way about something Jack thinks I mean it's "paranormal"...He always "thinks" that but I "feel" he's just mocking me...what do you think?

  9. I deleted this comment by messymimi in error....sorry!

    It is a generalization, and it is correct a good bit of the time. Yes, if a woman says a man feels creepy, avoid him.

  10. I feel that sometimes, you guys don't think ENOUGH. Or you think with the wrong...never mind. That's just how I feel.

  11. I caught a trout on a crawfish a few years ago.

  12. I'm not a touchy-feely type of woman, so I always say "I think..."

  13. In think, women feel, but Mrs. Cranky KNOWS.

    You should think that by now.