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Friday, March 9, 2018

Remain Seated Please

Remain Seated Please
A cranky opinion for
The following is the opinion of a cranky old man with a bug up a bad place.  There can be no opposing opinions because the behavior I am complaining about is indefensible.  Most readers will probably be guilty of this behavior, don’t be offended…ok, be offended, no skin off my teeth.
My trip to Atlanta last week renewed an old pet peeve.  When a plane lands, why does everyone get up, take out their bags from the overhead banging into other people and then stand all jammed up like sardines while the plane’s doors are still not open?
Do people think they may not get off the plane?  Trust me, they are not taking off again until everyone is off the plane.
Do people think they will get off the plane faster if they crowd the aisle?  I’m almost positive they are going nowhere until the passengers in the rows ahead of them leave.
I guess this phenomenon in stupidity shouldn’t bother me, except if the person next to you wants to join the lemmings, you have to get up and stand all hunched up for about 10 minutes going nowhere until the doors open and deplaning begins with all the other fools. 
I refuse to stand, I simply say “Sorry, I have a bad hip and have to stay seated until the line moves.” I do have a bit of arthritis in my hip, so it is not a total lie…actually it is a total lie.  So, I remain seated while my seat mate stands all hunched up waiting for the line to move.
This fear of not getting off the plane phobia also extends to trains.  When I commuted to NYC by train years ago, it would drive me crazy. 
Many days commuting home, I did not get on at the first stop.  Often the train was already full and I had to stand in the aisle.  That was not so bad, except when we were ten minutes from the next stop, people would leave their seat and jam the aisle so that I could not move, not even to get to the empty seat that these idiots just vacated.
I don’t get it people.  I know; you just need to stretch. I’ve heard that before…and I call bull crap!
Please everyone, remain seated until the doors are open and those seated ahead of you start to leave.  Trust me, you will get off, and even if you can push your way through and get off the plane faster, you will still have to wait for you luggage.
The preceding was the opinion of a cranky old man and not necessarily of management, Mrs. Cranky…actually Mrs. C is guilty of the same stupid behavior.


  1. One advantage to the window seat.
    Another reason I don't care for public transportation.
    It's the Me First attitude.

  2. I'm with you. Stay seated until the plane stops taxiing at least, before getting you stuff from the overhead locker. I get concerned when I see elderly people on buses, push the stop button, then immediately get off their seat and make their way unsteadily towards the door. If the bus lurches or stops suddenly they're scrambling to stay upright, at risk of broken bones. We all know how fragile elderly people are.

  3. It only takes one to leave his seat. Yep, this happened on every flight I took. Hubby used to get really rattled, as did I. I used to wonder if the stand-up people thought someone would run off with their luggage. Well, they wouldn't have got far even if that was true..

  4. I can understand the need to stand up after a long flight, but I have often wondered about the need to stand in a line that you know is not going to move until the doors open. Maybe it's something like vehicle traffic on the highway where one car slowing down affects a back up of traffic behind it for miles? I don't understand the physics of that but I have heard it is a phenomenon.

  5. Yep, I've always wondered about this too. It happens every single time.

    Have a fabulous weekend. ☺

  6. Yes Sir I am with you 100% on this one, like you pointed out no matter how quickly you elbow your way off of the plane, your luggage still isn't even on the belt yet...

  7. NO and you can't make me!! I wanna be off FIRST!! Cause I'm IMPORTANT!!!

    Got some in-laws who think that way, all day everyday. Thankfully we slow-pokes are able to stay well out of their way most of the year .....

  8. Guess what? Being that i am weird, i stay seated until they tell me. The knotheads who think they are so much more important than anyone else so they have to deplane first can go ahead.

  9. This always happens. Like when people are waiting for the train ride at Silver Dollar City. The time the next one leaves is posted. People sit on benches awaiting the arrival. Then latecomers arrive and walk right up to the boarding chain, so there's a mass surge to STAND in line for 20 minutes. I prefer to sit, and take my chances. Everyone under the roof in the waiting area is sure to get on the train.

  10. Agreed, yet people seem to always act like lemmings when it comes to de-boarding and (really) any other kind of line. I always sit near the window, waiting for the line to move.

    Oh, and I hate planes, but I hate driving 12 hours to visit my family more.....

  11. Well, I can't stand people who have huge carry on luggage that takes forever to remove from overhead. Let those of us who pay to check baggage off the damn plane first.

  12. My pet peeve is the opposite: people who stand in the aisle, taking forever to get their luggage down, holding up traffic while the entire front of the plane is empty. I've got another plane to catch and need to use the bathroom!!!


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