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Monday, September 11, 2017

Women's Mind Game

Women's Mind Game

This cranky re-run is from September 2013

OK ladies, just admit it…you get bored so you just like to mess with our heads.

When I need something, getting information on the location of said needed object from Mrs. Cranky is like pulling teeth.

“Hey Kare, do you know where the hammer is?”




“Downstairs in the basement?”

“No downstairs is downstairs, the basement is the basement.”

“Where downstairs?”

“By the table.”

“The table in the living room or the table in the family room?”

“Oh for crap sake, I’ll get it.”

All right I get it, I’m an idiot, I can’t find anything...but a woman’s instructions…damn!

The other morning I go down stairs for coffee.

“You want me to bring anything up?”

“Just a small Jet’s glass of orange juice.”

We have two glasses that Mrs. Cranky got from the gas station back in the day when stations had to compete to sell gas (GIYP.)  They have the NY Jets logo etched in them. They are small glasses.

What is a small Jet’s glass of orange juice?

Is it orange juice from a small Jet’s glass, or a small glass of orange juice in a Jet’s glass?

Since the Jet’s glasses are small, I deduce there is no need to describe the only two Jet’s glasses in the house; therefore Mrs. Cranky must want only a little orange juice in a Jet’s glass.


“Here is your juice Kare.”

“Why did you only get me half a glass?”

“You said ‘a small glass of juice’.”

“No, I said orange juice in a small Jet’s glass.”

“But the Jet’s glasses are small; why not just ask for orange juice in a Jet’s glass?”

“You’re a jerk!”
I think she does it on purpose.


  1. With the Jets glasses being small, I would have brought a full glass, unless she specifically said a half glass.
    One more thing, if you ask women why they play these mind games with men, 99% will say "we don't, what are you talking about?" because we don't realise we do it, so we aren't doing it on purpose. Most of the time.

  2. Just as long as you realise that you can't win you'll be okay. These tales amuse me, though.

  3. I just don't understand what you are trying to say here. She could not have been more clear about the juice.
    As for the hammer, if it wasn't being used, why wasn't it in the tool box or hanging on a peg board above the work bench?

  4. Too much is too much, too little is uncalled for. I hear ya ....

  5. Unless otherwise instructed, fill the glass, that's all i can figure.

  6. I understand, she wanted both - a full Jets glass, what's your problem with that?

  7. Ha, I enjoying your blog post. I have to say it is a turn around here at my house my husband sounds like Mrs. C. ha

  8. You're right...we DO like to mess with your minds. Heh heh heh...

  9. That is a woman's purpose in life!!

  10. I agree that they do love messing with their minds, I still believe Cindy and Mrs. C are related.

  11. Now why would a man ask a woman where the hammer was?? Guess who's side I'm on this time:)) Hey, Mrs. C just doesn't want you getting comfortable. That is when that ole "taking for granted" sets in.

  12. You know you won't win this one. How long have you been married?

  13. I can't believe you only brought her half a glass!

    That's almost as bad as my sister bringing me a full glass of HOT water when I was laid up after knee surgery, and asked for a glass of water. It probably took five minutes for her to run the tap and get it that temperature.

  14. We have those same looking glasses with San Diego Chargers etched on them. Don't know where they came from since they were with all the stuff of hubby's parents he had to go through. They might be worth something now that the Chargers are no longer in San Diego.

    You know you'll never with dealings with Mrs. Cranky.


  15. you were right logically but expectations of wives has nothing to do with logic believe me

  16. What kind of game are you playing? If you know there are only two Jets glasses, that they are small, why nit pick if she chooses to refer to them as they are -- small Jet glass? She probably figured in case you brought her a different glass that you would at least know she only wanted as much juice as one of those small Jet glasses would hold.

  17. I totally knew what she meant.. :)

  18. Communication is a complicated thing...that's why they teach classes in college!