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Wednesday, September 20, 2017


License plate defacing.

Lots of stuff hits me like aluminum foil on a filling, but in New Jersey there is one thing that just winds my crank more than others.  
Defaced license plates.
I don’t know about other states, but in New Jersey if the coloration around the plate letters and numbers is scratched off, the plate number is not picked up by traffic cameras.  Besides scratching the coloration,  there are also special covers that are also supposed to make photos difficult to read.

I see these defaced plates all the time.
This drives me nuts, because: 
1.     What makes these people so special that they can run red lights with impunity?
2.     Why does law enforcement allow this?
Clearly if I can spot these doctored plates, the police could pull these cars over and issue a summons for defacing their plates.  The practice would end in days.
I think that in New Jersey most of the traffic light cameras have been shut down due to legal issues, but it is still important for license plates to be readable…otherwise why even have them.
On many toll roads, toll takers are being retired.  Tolls are paid by “Easy Pass” or a bill is sent to the driver based on a license plate picture.  If pictures are unreadable, you and I will be paying for these cheaters.
Pisses me off!!
There is an easy solution; ticket these a-holes!
End of rant
Cranky out.


  1. Good snarling theere Joeh. that IS annoying to those drivers following the rules. You are right, I think, about a ticketing program.
    Here in Ontario we have a sort of the same thing but different situation. The government put out a number of plates that were defective and the paint faded off them leaving them unreadable. If you are stopped for an unreadable plate you will be a. fined and b. have to buy a new plate.`s not your fault but the government wins three the plate, pay the fine, buy another plate. SO not fair.

  2. I had no idea this was a thing! I have never seen that here, but we only have the turnpike for tolls, so mostly people who just travel through are using it.

  3. Hmm. No cameras around here, no tolls, it's so uncivilized here in the boonies.

  4. The same set up here in California with the toll roads, you buy a FasTrak transponder that picks up when you enter the toll lanes and they bill you accordingly, but if you don't have a transponder they take a picture of your license plate and you get a bill. Defacing a plate or even removing the front plate they will stop you for, not sure what the fine is but there should be one.

  5. Altering license plates so they can't be read is about as stupid as letting people wear burkas in driver's license photos. I agree--ticket these clowns.

  6. Surprised I haven't seen more of this in Mass, what with our toll roads and such.

  7. I've never seen such a thing! I guess our ne'er-do-wells here in Missouri are behind the times. The biggest problem we have is when they steal the expiration sticker off somebody's plate, and put it on another plate to avoid license renewal fees.

  8. I tend to follow the rules and don't always understand those who don't.

  9. Yes, they should get tickets. No, the police probably don't bother to stop them because they are busy doing other things.

  10. You are right. The cheaters win and the good law abiding people will pay