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Monday, December 5, 2016


Saturday, my old high school’s football team was playing for the NJ group 5 division 2 championship (5 is the largest group.)  This team had won 24 games in a row and won this same championship last year (no doubt much to the dismay of several band member’s mothers and or grandmothers, right Joanne.)
The game started at 1:00 played in the Meadowland’s Giants Stadium…it is a big deal.  The game was not broadcast on regular TV, but was available at a site on-line.  I signed on at 1:00 but the game did not get started until 1:05.
Before the first half, my team, Westfield, had a 15-7 lead over Bridgewater-Raritan, the same team they beat last year 10-7 to win the championship.  I posted to a school Facebook site that it was a good game, score in the second qtr. W 15 BR 7. 

Several people responded back asking me to keep posting the score.  I told them where they could find the game live on-line and was informed that they were having trouble with the feed.
Cranky became a digital play by play announcer.  I bounced back and forth from the game to Facebook to post:
W 1st and 10 from own 25 8 min to go 3rd 15-7.
Then back to the game:
BR ball own 38 6 min to go 3rd.
Back and forth I went, the game, then Facebook:
W fumbles BR ball on W 22.
BR scores misses ep 15-13 11 min in game.
Possession changed several times until with 3 minutes to go and BR with the ball and threatening. I was getting into a good rhythm of watching and then posting, when someone else announces on Facebook:
WESTFIELD WINS!!! Great game.
WTH?  Who knew my internet feed was delayed several minutes…spoiler alert.
Oh well it was a great game and I kind of enjoyed doing play by play.  I was just starting to get good at it when my thunder was stolen by someone privy to the game live.
So much for a career in play by play broadcasting.  Next time maybe I could get hold of a live feed and make some on-line wagers.  That wouldn’t be unethical…would it?


  1. Just a touch unethical I'm thinking :)

    Congrats for your team winning!


  2. That made it more fun, though, didn't it? Kind of like you were experiencing the game with other people after all.

  3. You provided a valuable service! No way could my internet stream a game. I listen to basketball on the radio to hear my former students playing. I know. I might as well go read updates off a cave wall. But for people who couldn't get the game, your efforts were appreciated!

  4. Sorry someone rained on your parade. It was probably fun while it lasted. :/

  5. I understand Westfield Wins!, the rest is gobbledegook to me.

  6. I would be afraid of missing part of the game if I had to type stuff for Facebook people.

  7. It sounds to me like you would be a great play-by-play announcer, i hope you get to do it live some time so no one gives away the ending for you.

  8. Someone posts highlights that I keep up with to know what quarter it is. It's easier than trying to figure it out myself. It's not like every quarter isn't fifteen minutes, you know.

  9. Oh, sports? Yawn. On to next blog.

  10. That was a nice thing you did, but the guy that spoiled it wasn't nice. Just saying.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  11. Too bad the results were spoiled for you by that guy. Still, you did a great job and you might have had an interesting career as a sports broadcaster.

  12. My alma mater was Bridgewater Raritan HS West. Our big rival game on Thanksgiving Day was against Bridgewater Raritan East. We pretty much sucked. Maybe that's why they combined the two schools into one. One big suck! LOL. That was a lonnnnng time ago. You might want to look at sports announcer as a new career!!

  13. That takes me back to my early days in radio when a sports announcer I worked with would re-create play-by-play using info that came in from a sports ticker and his own vivid imagination. For example, when there was a delay with the ticker he would have play interrupted because "a dog had wandered onto the field."

    1. I've heard about people doing that!!

  14. Hum, digital announcer?? Maybe a new career path??