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Friday, December 30, 2016

A Spelling Rant

A Speling Rant

A cranky rant for


The following is the rant of a cranky old man.  

Begin rant:

I am a terrible speller.  If it were not for spell check I would not blog.  I am actually quite sensitive about my spelling.  My spelling was one reason I did not get good grads in skool and never attempted to enter any profesion that required a lot of righting.

For some reason people with dyslexia are not mocked, they are applauded when, with special help, they overcome their disability.  Pour spellers are never applauded.  They are considered stupid and lazy.

I remember my English teachers telling me,

“There is no excuse for misspelling a word.  If you are unsure, simply look it up in the dictionary.” 

I was so unsure of so many spellings tht it took me longer to check my spelling than it did to write a paper.  Furthermore, I still had misspelled words which I assumed were spelled correctly.  Some words I mispelled so badly that I could not find them in the dictionary so I had to use a different word and my content sufferd.

It burns my but, when I write an 800-word post and some peoples only comment would be,

“You know "your" is for what you possess, "you’re" is what a person is... don’t you?”

“Why yes, yes I do, but sometimes I make that error and spell check will not always highlight the mistake…I guess that makes me an idiot!”

I reed lots of blog posts, and some are near illiterate in grammer and spelling, even worse than mine, and clearly ritten without the help of a word processing program.  I let it go.  I don’t let someones disability distract from there content.  Actually, I think that is a sign of intelligence.

What really chafs my backside is the other week I used the word “isle” instead of “aisle.”  It was immediately called to my attention. 

The correction was harmless of course, but I think spell and grammar editors feel a little special when they can catch an error and don’t realize their correction can sometimes be hurtful, but as I said I am sensitive about my disability.  When I see someone walking with a limp, I don’t say, “Hay, you should probably learn to walk better!”

Well I do have spell check, but it does not always correct mistakes, and I do read and re-read every post before I hit “submit.”  Still errors do slip through.  The other day I was writing in a comment about my misspelling of “aisle” and I noticed that as I typed the word, the “a” was not struck hard enough and I ws left with “isle” which passed the word check paramaters.  Damn!

OK, there is my rant.  Their may be sum erors in this post, they are (most of them) left for the explicit porpose of driving spell and grammer Nazis crasie.

End rant.

The preceding was the rant of a cranky old man and not necessarily that of management…Mrs. Cranky.


  1. Loved finding your misspelled words. I never got how to look up a word in a dictionary to spell it correctly would be the best way to solve the problem. That assumes you have a basic understanding of phonics etc. In the case of your misspelled ritten, how long would it have taken you to realize you needed to start with a "w" for the word. I do like the modern convenience of spell check and then of course the best of all with Google. You botch a word when typing it on Google and it will give you a few suggestions with at least the word you are looking for. Got to love that part of technology.


  2. Guilty as charged and I promise to not do it again. Or at least try. may I please be forgiven? (It's okay to say no, since I'm in no way perfect myself)

    1. I was hoping you would not remember...but we're worries!

    2. My memory is both blessing and curse.

  3. i can say that i really will try hard to ignore such huge mistake as you tried your BEST here Joe .
    you rock !
    have a wonderful happy new year .

  4. I make them myself so am far from criticizing others.

  5. I prefer to call my misspellings "typos."

  6. Bwahahahahahaha. Very well done Joe. Very well done.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  7. When i notice a misspelling or misuse in someone else's writing, i gloss over it as a typo and make no bones about it. When i misspell or misuse a word, i about pound myself into the dirt over it. Others are allowed typos and such, i am not. It's just how i was raised, to give grace to others and hold myself to perfection.

  8. A few typos are no big deal as we all, including me, make them. What does bug me are people who are university graduates holding very high level jobs who can't write a complete sentence. Conveying a simple thought on paper is even difficult for them. Really? How did they get through college? If I'd done that I'd still be taking English 101...we were cut no slack!

  9. I used to be a very good speller, but do have problems today. I think we should all try our hardest as clarity in our language prevents many misunderstandings...but after we give it our best shot it is time to put your feet up and read a good book.

  10. I detect a faint hint of superiority on the comment by management. Jerk-ess!

  11. I hav NEAVER mispeld a seingle wurd!!

  12. I think I only correct spelling and grammar when it's something one of my sons has written..Since I'm not Aunt can correct your own, or not!

  13. I know how you feel. Those Grammar/Spelling Nazis are annoying.

  14. I just love it when someone uses incorrect grammar correcting another's grammar. I see it in Amazon book reviews all the time. I have never been any good at grammar policing. Just not smart enough and I rarely notice any mistakes. That was a perfectly correct post of yours right?

  15. I'm a horrible speller and horrible with grammar. However, if I laugh or cry or take a minute to think about what's written on someone's blog, I'm OK with any of those issues. Have a very Happy New Year!

  16. I think it's OK to be a bad speller and admit to it. If you write a blog for your enjoyment and misspell something, so what. If you are a writer (like Stephen King) and write books for lots of money and you are a bad speller, you pay a proofreader or editor to fix it.

    So keep writing!!!

  17. Yeah, I seem to attract grammar/spelling freaks which works out. I randomly drop capitols or misspell or dangle some precipitation or yoda-speak just to keep 'em in line. Some times ya gotta partee hardee

  18. You won't catch me correcting anybody's spelling. Man-bashing is my specialty.