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Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Weber Light

The Weber Light

Last spring I bought a new Weber Grill.   I love Weber grills.
New Grill
I have another that is 14 years old and still starts up with one push of the automatic starter.  I did have to replace some of the guts of the grill many years ago, as they rusted out.  It seems, at least in my experience, that when you cover your grill it keeps out the rain, but it holds in moisture from condensation and melting snow.  The grill can’t breathe and the innards will rust.  Anyway, that is my theory and so far, my uncovered grill has not rusted.  It was acting up a bit and did not always work in the extreme cold, or heat-up as high as I would like, so I bought the new grill. 

The old grill had a special Weber light that goes on when you lift the lid and off when you close it.  This is great for grilling in the dark which I do a lot in the winter, in the spring, summer and fall not so much.

The light on the old grill was attached with duct tape, because the new light fittings do not fit 14-year-old grills.
Old Grill

Red-neck light attachment

I bought a Weber light for the new grill, and it attached without duct tape.  I kept the old grill as it still worked and it would be good for a large party for grilling different foods, like chicken on one grill, dogs and burgers in the other.  Anyway, I have a red neck attached light on one old beat up grill and a nicely attached light on the new grill. 
New nicely attached light

I have not needed the light since I bought the grill in May.  Come daylight savings time I needed the light.

The other night, Mrs. Cranky was at work and I was going to grill a nice steak.  I was not only looking forward to the steak, I was also looking forward to grilling it after dark with the help of my new Weber light.  It may seem silly to you ladies, but my male readers will understand.  It is a guy thing to want to use a new toy no matter how simple that toy might be.  I used to have to grill at night with a small flashlight held in my teeth, or I had one that would clip on to my cap, but it was unreliable.  With my Weber light, I would be grilling in style.

I fired up the grill and turned on the light…nothing.  It worked when I attached it in May, and I haven’t used it since, why wouldn’t it turn on?  When I opened it up to replace the batteries water poured out of it.  The light was toast and I never got to use it.  Apparently, most people cover their grill and the light does not have to be water tight.

The light on the red-neck grill worked, the duct tape kept it dry.  I used that grill to cook my steak.  It took longer, but it worked.

I doubt if stores will carry grill accessories this time of the year, I’ll probably have to order a new light on-line, I won’t wait for spring, I only need the thing in the winter.

When I get it, I guess I’ll have to cover it with duct tape or a baggie.


  1. I had to laugh, hubby has been known to hold the flashlight in his mouth while grilling. Now he's set up some type of lighting to help see the grill when it is dark outside. Its useful considering we'll be grilling all year here with the mild temps.


  2. DH got me a pull-on cap with 'headlights' and somehow it has moved into his belongings. Works like a hot dang - sounds like something you could use. DH also grills at night, but he pulls the grill out of the garage to do so. You would think they would have made the light on your new grill waterproof. You might suggest the company do that.

  3. That's rather silly of Weber to make a light that isn't water tight. Not everybody covers their grills, which we call a Barbecue. For us the grill is that part of the indoor stove where you can grill sausages etc under a heating element.
    Anyway, a tip for saving your grill from rusting, before covering it, fill it with crumpled newspapers to absorb moisture, or buy a bag of moisture absorbing crystals. I can't guarantee either method will work, we don't have snow like you do, but maybe worth a try?

  4. OMG I am so behind the times. Never, ever thought about grilling outside and with so many things that can go wrong or need knowledge about I'm glad I didn't go down that path. I have been known to grill indoors and serve outdoors, though.

  5. We just turn our deck lights on to grill in the dark, but I guess a direct light would be better!

  6. It's always disappointing when we open a new toy and want to use it and it doesn't work! Hope you get a new light soon, and get to use it!

  7. My Weber grill is one of those little ones. It's been in a storage shed in FL since MIke died. I put the large grill out on the lawn with a "free" sign when I moved. I don't miss the grilled food so much, but I do miss the griller.

  8. What a shame. That's like opening a new toy on Christmas Day and having it break after a few minutes of play. Hope you can get another one.

  9. We don't fo much grilling in the winter even though our grill is on a covered balcony and attached to a gas line.

  10. I've had the same experience, much to the consternation of Pop in law and Queenie. He's convinced that a cover makes all the difference (because a salesman told him, and he's a sucker for that) whereas I've actually tested the theory by trying it both ways. The cover makes things even worse if there is a roof over the grill, causing rustage where it would have barely occurred if uncovered.

    So every few years I replace all of the guts of my beloved grill because she won't lose the battle and poppa is always right. Small price to pay for peace ..... ;-)

    Oh, and Pop-in-law was in sales for a bit over 10 years so you';d think he'd know it was BS. But alas, he somehow learned to TRUST sales-freaks rather than question them ....

    Grill on man! Stay lit ...

  11. Grilling is definitely a guy thing and I'm delighted it is. Can't believe it was not waterproof but at least you can use this as a learning experience or perhaps you could invent one and become filthy rich?

  12. I remember my brother in law's grill misadventures. He never had a grill that made him happy. But, he never bought a Weber.

  13. Our condo management does not allow us to use a grill after September. I miss our house because we could grill any time of the year.we simp!y used the light on the deck or maybe you can bring out a table lamp that you can plug in in doors with an extension cord.

  14. I'm laughing as I read this. In Jersey we didn't call things red-neck when they had to be rigged. LOL. Doesn't it seem like prices rise and quality goes down on everything nowadays?!!

  15. Whoa! I am reeling! COVER a grill? Some people grill inside, with a regular kitchen appliance? And there are regulations about grilling after September?

    The only thing that makes sense here is that cap with a built-in light. I gave Hick one of those a few years ago, and he uses it when he feeds the livestock after dark. I'm sure he could use it for grilling, except we have a porch deck with lights.

  16. Yes, you should have followed your gut and attached the new light to the new grill with duct tape. It and WD-40 fix anything, you know.

  17. I'm with Catalyst on the WD-40 and duct tape. I work with engineers, they have a simple solution for all problems:

    If it moves and shouldn't: duct tape.
    If it doesn't move and should: WD-40.

    Hope your steak was delicious!

  18. My old Weber, a combo smoker/grill is snow-covered this time of the year, but has no light. some rust, I ignore it, it's gone with te first rack of ribs.
    Happy holidays, Joeh.

  19. I love my Weber Grill. I don't have a light on mine but now that I know they have them, I will have one.

  20. Omgosh.. So many memories of grilling in the dark. We used flashlights, hand held not duct taped to the grill, altho that would've been a hoot. :)


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