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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards

Mrs. C still clings to the dying tradition of sending Christmas cards.  I helped her today to put on stamps and addresses for hundreds of cards, and we don’t really have that many friends.

“Who are these people?”

“They’re people I know.”

“What about the Hossenfeffers from Utah?”

“That’s Ed’s cousin.”

“What? Your ex-husbands cousin?”

“I still get a card from them.”

See, sending the Christmas card is like friending and unfriending on Facebook.  You may not even know a person, but it is just not nice to unfriend them (not send a card) …unless they unfriend you (don’t send a card.)  And apparently, there is a two Christmas rule before you unfriend, (don’t send a card.)

“Who are the Dolans?”


“The DeFranco’s?”



“Son of a cousin.”

“How many cousins do you have?  I’ve never met any of these people.”

“A lot!”

“And you are such a close family, every year you say Merry Christmas in a card.”

“I know them.”

“What about the Schwarz’s?”

“Friends of a cousin’s next door neighbor.”

“What?  Not a cousin, not a friend of a cousin, but a friend of a cousin’s next door neighbor?”



“Actually they used to be neighbors of my cousins friend, they moved. They used to buy girls scout cookies from Casey.”

“Casey is grown up, on her own in the big city, let her send them a card.  And I don’t think she’s selling cookies anymore!”

“Just shut up and put on the stamps…and don’t put the stamps on all wonky!”

“What, are you afraid of offending the once next door neighbor of a cousin’s friend with a wonky stamp?”

“Just put them on straight…Jerk.”

 Merry Christmas everyone, if you don’t get a card it means you have never met my wife.!


  1. I love sending and receiving Christmas cards. It is unfortunate that this habit is now making me bankrupt!

  2. I hope you didn't have to take out a loan! It's really a costly proposition anymore.

  3. I buy a total of twelve cards and send eight. Four to family, four to friends, the remaining four cards are for family who live close enough that I can take the card to them, no need to post.

  4. By the time I got to the 'wonky' stamp remark I was splitting sides. Thanks for that.

    A neighbour has sent a card with the message 'this is the last time I send cards, in future my money is going to charity'. What a good idea, but now I don't know whether to deliver a card to him!

  5. My list has dwindled as if I do not get a card I do not send a card, if I get a email greeting I send an email greeting. Fewer and fewer every year.

  6. I would do away with it, but my husband is the traditionalist in this house.

  7. I know I've never actually met Mrs C but I FEEL I know her - I'll be keeping an eye out for the post ;-)

  8. Well, now I'm offended lol. Have her put me on the list for next year. If I don't get one from her I won't send one back.

  9. I haven't sent out cards in a few years, and so far we've only received two.

  10. I don't care about Christmas cards. I don't sent many Christmas cards. I don't care if I get any cards. I can wish folks a Merry Christmas without giving them a card.

    I do love your conversations with your wife though. They are priceless.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  11. I design our cards & send out about 130 each year. I love to do it!!

  12. I accidentally put a Christmas tree stamp on an envelope upside down. I put a note next to it that said "Oops, the cat tipped over the tree."

  13. I am afraid I have joined the no card trend. It just kind of happened. I still send them but only to the kids in the family along with money or gift cards. I still get cards and I make a point to thank everyone but don't send them one. Wonder when it will quit all together.

  14. Your -- I mean Karen's -- card arrived today shortly after I read your blog. It had added emotional significance -- as did the slightly askew stamp.

  15. It's not a dying art. All the COOL people do Christmas cards. They also write letters by hand with expensive fountain pens on scented paper and use theme stamps that coordinate the season, region, sexual preference, and favorite college football team of the recipient.
    What's your wife's email address. We want a card :)

  16. It's fun to send cards, and if your wife ever sends me one, she will be on my list forever!

  17. Like your wife my daughter likes to send Christmas cards. I do enjoy you and your wife’s conversations.

  18. I still send cards, and I love to get them, They look pretty hanging up during Christmas time. But my list is probably a lot shorter than yours.

  19. I've never been a big sender or receiver of Christmas cards. But for those who enjoy them, I can understand how they spread holiday cheer.

  20. I remember growing up being so excited around Christmas to see what cards we would get. My mom sent out a lot to friends and family since she had moved us 3000 miles away from friends and family. Nowadays I rarely if ever send out cards and I'm thinking we'll be getting about 5 cards or less this year since that is about how many people asked for our new address since we moved since last Christmas.