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Sunday, October 18, 2015



It is time again for
Wha, wha, wha, WHAT?

This week’s stupid headlines and my stupider, sometimes sophomoric comments.  As in previous weeks, There is no fake headline contest!


Homemade bomb found on California golf course – Club members just assumed it was a clock made by greens keeper Mohamed Hasseem Da Boma and didn’t say anything.

DUI Suspect Claimed Dog Was Driving Car – Like letting your dog drive the car is not just as bad as drunk driving.

Woman's Eye Sealed Shut After Friend Mistakes Glue For Eye Drops – I’m pretty sure that should read EX-friend.

Doctors Sew Elderly Man’s Hand Inside Stomach to Save Fingers – Good luck ever using them again!

Man Calls 911 Saying Girlfriend Won't Have Sex With Him – “Car 54 head to 101 Wichita for a zero-six-niner; no sex in progress.”

Playboy will stop publishing nude photos of women, report says – I only read the articles anyway.

Tom Brady Calls Coca-Cola ‘Poison’ – Poison? That’s ridiculous! Just because it is basically sugar water and the sugar content is addicting and is a leading cause of obesity and diabetes, I wouldn’t call it poison.  I would just call it shit that is really, really bad for you; kind of like cigarettes.

Shoppers stunned after porn plays over intercom at Target – Not porn, Pornay’.

Southern California storm causes mudslides and floods, closes part of Interstate 5 -  
Does this headline make anyone else think of this?

80-year-old pleads guilty after multi-million-dollar pot bust – “Oh, Ming Dynasty!  I thought you said ‘Been tried and dusty’ Sorry, it just slipped.”

'Gold Rush' star Todd Hoffman worried about his son being on TV, turning into Miley Cyrus – Now there is an episode whose ratings will be through the roof!

Lucky Charms is going 100% marshmallow- They’re magically unhealthy!


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  1. I try to eat healthy, and I don't drink Coke ever. EVER. But I swear, if Lucky Charms ever went all marshmallow...well, I fear that would be the end of me.

  2. coke and lucky charms...if you tried them together, i think you'd od.

  3. "Homemade bomb found on California golf course" Jeez.....Tiger Wood's ex really holds a grudge, doesn't she?

  4. The world has gone mad. Totally gone mad.

    I linked you to Silly Sunday because well these headlines are silly.

    Have a terrific Silly Sunday. ☺

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This one: "DUI Suspect Claimed Dog Was Driving Car" can't be true because even a drunk would know that the dog would never go along with the story.

    2. There is no fake headline.

  6. Snort snort. These are funny bubba.

  7. Again--please put a fake headline back in!!

  8. I've never eaten Lucky Charms and doubt I'd like all marshmallows anyway.

  9. Sigh, these folks have just all tumbled off the cliff of good sense haven't they? At least we get to laugh and feel good about our selves in comparison.

  10. We had a kid get his eye sealed shut with super glue this week at school. Didn't make the headlines, though. A girl put her fake fingernail back on, (as told to me by the kids), and flicked the glue off her finger, and it hit that kid right on the eyelashes. I was told not to count him absent (by the office), because he was on his way to the hospital.

    No homemade clocks, though!

  11. DUI Doggy is fake.

  12. Ugh...I really, really wish some of these were fake! I had to laugh out loud at the Playboy story.

  13. I work in a hospital and we had a similar experience. The patient, a hospital.employee, fell in the parking lot right outside the emergency room. They had to wait for the squad to come to transport them inside. We all just shook our heads going "what the what?" I actually assisted in surgery on an operation that sewed a patient's finger to his abdomen. It's a treatment for skin grafting. The headlines about just marshmallows in Lucky Charms made me smile...that's going gluten free to the max!

  14. Say it ain't so! Lucky Charms ALL marshmallows? That's too much sweet even for me. Might as well have a bowl of candy corn. Good grief!

  15. as always - LOL
    your add ons are funnier than the headlines!