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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sink Stink

Sink Stink
I don’t think I’m spoiled.  I really don’t ask for much.  I don’t need a lot of stuff.  I like a hot meal from time to time; I like a warm house in the winter and a cool house in the summer.  I like clean clothes, a hot shower, a nice tread on my tires and a good woman to share it all with.

I have all these things.  There was one more thing I have always wanted. 

I always wanted a garbage disposal.

I am not a finicky person, but I do not like cleaning out that kitchen drain thing every night.  That’s right; Cranky does the dishes…most of the time anyway. 
I hate carrying that thing over to the garbage, clanging in on the can and still having to finger scrape the last of the disgusting soggy leftovers out of that stupid screen thing.

When we did a kitchen makeover two years ago, I got my garbage disposal.  That’s it; I now have everything I ever wanted.  Except I don’t.

Why not Cranky?

It seems that Mrs. C is afraid of chipping the new Corian sink.  To protect the sink she purchased a rubber mat thing that sits on little rubber feet on the Corian sink.  Dishes and flatware all rest on the rubber thing and not the Corian sink, so the sink will not chip.  Not that I ever heard of Corian having a problem with chipping.

The rubber thingy is not solid, it is ribbed, which allows water to easily flow through it.  It does not always allow kitchen crud to flow through.  Now the same kitchen crud that used to accumulate in that drain screen thing gets stuck in the rubber ribs of our Corian protector.

Instead of finger scraping disgusting soggy leftovers out of the screen thing, I have to pry them off the rubber ribs of the Corian sink protector.  As if that is not enough, the rubber ribbed thing also allows water, soap and assorted liquid crud to pass through in such a way that the un-chipped Corian sink is stained and resembles a zebra. 

The stains can be cleaned with a little soap, a slight abrasive and some elbow grease.  So now after doing the dishes I have to clean crud out of the rubber ribbed thing and then scrub out the zebra stains in the sink.

I guess if I made a really big deal about it, I could get the easy clean-up sink. Then I might have everything I’ve always wanted except a good woman to share it all with.

I think I’ll go with the good woman thing and give up on the easy to clean sink. 

Every once in a while I am not a jerk.


  1. Hm. Corian will scratch (don't ask) but chipping it would be really difficult. Where's the dishwasher in all this? The machine, I mean?

  2. Can't you remember that thing when you do the dishes?


  3. If your plates are thoroughly scraped off into the garbage disposal, there shouldn't be anything left on them to be marking up your sink or clogging the drain screen or rubber mat. I scrape all my plates into the bin, then rinse off any gravy or other sauce down the drain before I start washing dishes. without a drain strainer sauces/gravies just wash down the drain.
    Now wait a minute, garbage disposals run on water, right? so there is a tap and you can rinse off your plates right there, still leaving them clean so no bits are clogging up your dishwashing water. or mat or drain thingy.

  4. It's a dilemma :) But, I'd be right there with you. I hate that stuff.

  5. There are few odors worse than the stinky sink. We've got the disposal without the rubber thing, and the sink still reeks sometimes. We feed it lemons to make it smell better.

    1. Full kettle of boiling water followed by a quarter-cup of bi-carb soda once a week.

  6. Here's an idea. Before you start the dishes removed that silly thing that's harder to clean than the food catch before the garbage disposal. Then you can have a huge fight with the wife and we can all be entertained. Just a thought.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  7. just laughing. i hate the drain plug thing, too. gross as can be...

  8. We have stainless racks that fit into the bottom of our stainless sink to prevent scratching, and there's a hole for stuff to get to the garbage disposal. We ordered them from the sink manufacturer so they fit perfectly, and they've worked flawlessly for eight years now. I don't know if your sink is also Corian (which can be repaired if chipped or cracked, or made of a different material, but I think stainless racks are the way to go. Ours are rubber coated and every few weeks we run them through the dishwasher. So far no smell.

  9. Thank you everyone for all your suggestions. The real solution is to throw that damn rubber sink protector away as the sink will not chip or scratch, it is just fine without it, however this is one fight I choose to not take.

  10. Or ask her for a stainless steel sink as your Christmas present this year. Who knows?

  11. I think that if you are the one doing the work, you should be the one to have control over how you do it. It's a long-standing business principle - responsibility and authority must go hand in hand for best results.

  12. Sounds like Sandy and Stephen have the best solutions. My sink is Corian. No chips, no scratches (yet).

  13. I live with your problem but have no one to complain to about it. I am big on bleaching the sink and protector regularly.
    By the way, you serve breakfast in bed and do dishes? Golly--what a guy.

  14. ACK! I hate dumping that strainer thing with the heat of 10,000 suns! I always scrape off the plates and whack them against the wastebasket for wayward crumbs, but my loving husband loves to rinse his plate while that strainer sits over the drain. Wet, bloated diced onions, soggy cornbread, and the skins of Great Northern beans are the worst clingers. I shudder to think of you going through this every night, but then I think about myself going through it every night, and the horror is multiplied by a factor of 100. Or 10,000.

  15. Just throw the protective rubber thingie into the dishwasher.

  16. Burn the mat! Expunge the evil!