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Thursday, April 9, 2015



I scoop.  Mrs. Cranky to be different, dips.

What am I talking about?  You'll never guess; go ahead try, I have time, this is a short post.

La dee da dee da…

Chewing tobacco? Nope.

Dancing? Wrong again.

Making an ice cream cone?…close, but no.

You’ll never get it, because I am quite sure Mrs. Cranky is the only one who dips and not scoops her pudding.

That’s right, Mrs. Cranky does not scoop her pudding with a spoon, she sticks the spoon straight into the pudding and eats whatever sticks to the spoon when she pulls it straight out.

We had lunch at a diner the other day and pudding came with Mrs. C’s meal.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“Eating the pudding.”

“But you aren’t using the spoon correctly”

“Sure I am.”

“You’re dipping, not scooping.  Who dips?”

“I dip.  If you scoop, the pudding goes too fast.  If you dip you can enjoy it longer.”

“Longer?  At the rate you’re going they’ll be flipping the lights on and off to get us out of here.”

“No they won’t, it’s a diner.  They never close.”

“You’re missing the point; you take forever dipping, and why even bother with a spoon?  A spoon is made for scooping; you could just as well use a knife or a fork to dip.”

“You eat your pudding your way; I’ll eat it my way, and a spoon dips the best.”

“Your way is stupid.”

“It works, I like to eat my pudding this way and oh yeah, you’re a jerk!”

So I ask you, do you scoop or do you dip? 

Come on, who dips?


  1. I think I like Mrs. Cranky's way. I scoop, but I can see the advantage of dipping. Now I'm heading to the store at 10 p.m. to get chocolate pudding because it sounds delicious!


  2. (This time only) I think Mrs. C may be the JERK!!

  3. I'm with you, Joe. Seems like dipping would be a whole lot of work for not very much pudding....just enough to piss you off. It would be like eating a steak by just scraping your knife along the surface of the meat, just getting little shreds. But she is right about one would last a loooooooong time!

  4. There's nothing wroing with dipping, it makes things last longer. Sometimes i start eating something i like by dipping, to make it last, but then i end up scooping, because i'm greedy and can't wait for the next bite!

  5. I'm a scooper like you but it's her pudding and she should be able to eat it in peace. She didn't get to, but she should have. Bwahahahahahahaha. I love your conversations with Mrs. C.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  6. How funny. To tell you the truth, I slurp. Ha,ha,ha. Have a nice pudding day. See ya.

    Cruisin Paul

  7. I don't like pudding so I don't eat it.

  8. i dip chips but never a spoon! :)

  9. Well--I guess that's one way to stick to a diet. Think about it...if you did that with everything, you'd lose a ton of weight. Stick your fork in a steak and just eat what sticks. Just eat the ice cream that sticks to the spoon. Then eat only the SOUP that sticks to your spoon. Actually, I think we'd all starve to death if we did that.

  10. It depends on how hungry I am and how much time I have. It DOES last longer if you dip. I'm kinda glad to know I'm not the only one. Thanks, Mrs. C!

  11. I'm a scooper. And being a glutton, if you eat yours slowly I'll probably eat yours, too.

  12. Dip? Scoop?

    You're all sissies.

    I shovel.

  13. I'm a big dipper. And I let ice cream melt halfway to liquid, so I can dip that, too. No ice cream headaches for me!

  14. I scoop.
    Yes, the pudding goes faster, but I make my own, so there is always seconds to be had. Ha Ha!

  15. I'm a scooper but unsatisfyingly so. When I scoop I then make the most of the experience by keeping it in my mouth as long as I can, getting every smidge of flavor of to experience before I swallow. Makes Queenie crazy sometimes how slow I'll eat treats ....


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