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Wednesday, October 8, 2014


What is it about diamonds?  Why do women prize them so much?  I know they are relatively rare, though I’ve never heard of there being a diamond shortage.  Yes they sparkle, but they are just clear. 

I prefer jewels with color.  Diamonds can have color, but the prized ones, the ones women want are clear and sparkly.  Nothing else of value is clear.  Glass, but glass is pretty cheap.  There is no clear food.  I’ve never seen a clear car or boat or plane.  White yes, but not clear.  Clear sparkly clothes?  I don’t think so.

The only thing that is clear and sparkly that I know of is a diamond.

My son once asked me before he purchased an engagement ring,

“What is the difference between a diamond, and a cubic zirconia?”

“Well the CZ is flawless, the color is perfect, they sparkle more, they are very inexpensive, and if your wife ever finds out you gave her a CZ and not a diamond you’ll be sleeping on the couch.”

My second wife once elbowed me at a party and pointed to a lady with a huge rock on her finger,

“Look at the fake diamond, who is she kidding?”

“How do you know it’s fake?  It looks like a diamond to me.”

“Are you kidding me?  Look at the size of it.  There is no way she could afford a real stone that big!”

So a diamond can be artificially copied, perfect in color, clarity and inexpensive, but you have to buy them in a size that would be an affordably diamond size or everyone knows it has to be fake.

Fake is bad in jewelry, even if it is superior in every way.  I don’t get it. 

Plastic replaced glass containers because it is more durable, easier to ship, can be molded into different shapes and is cheap.

Fiberglass has replaced wood in most pleasure boats because it is more durable, easier to maintain and is cheaper.

The equivalent to the diamond in fly fishing is a bamboo rod.  Bamboo rods are expensive and are prized by purists even though they are heavier than new composite rods and in every way they suck compared to composites.

That’s it though.  Diamonds for women, bamboo for fishing purists.  There is nothing else that people will pay more for worse quality.

I don’t get it.

Well if I could afford it I would try and find my old 1958 MGA, even though it overheated in summer and the heater sucked in the winter and the top was a pain to put up and it didn’t always start, because…ok maybe I do get it.


  1. I don't like diamonds either. I don't have one. I prefer cheap silver.

  2. I recently re-watched the movie Blood Diamond. Nasty business...

  3. I have lots of diamonds. Lots. I love them very much but rarely wear them anymore. It's more about safety now. There are too many thugs in my area.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  4. supposed to be an everlasting symbol or some such nonsense...

  5. Huh. Well if someone offered me a 3 kt diamond or a 3 kt CZ, which would I choose? Lemme think.....

    Bamboo vs glass or graphite....spoken like someone who's never cast a nice bamboo, or doesn't fly fish much.

    Otherwise, sure.

  6. My daughter's engagement ring was her grandmother's diamond (not ostentatious) and her wedding ring was her husband's grandfather's wedding band, cut down for her and the excess added to her husband's ring. I guess it's all personal feeling.

  7. They're pretty enough and I did have one (still do.. just don't wear it) when I was married but I have always loved the look of a brilliant blue sapphire best. That was the colour of glass I would gravitate to as a child when we could buy fake rings for 10 cents or a quarter.

  8. Like most things in life, it's a phase... at least for me. I'm just beginning to like wearing jewelry again, including diamonds (all mine are small and hand-me-downs). I think this is the third time (1st and 2nd being in my teens and mid 20s) I've hit the phase. Not a big deal in college and while having my 3 kids. Now, I guess it's the equivalent of the male red corvette, or whatever the desired sports car of the day is.

    ps. I hope your son got the diamond and not the CZ

  9. No diamonds here. However, clear sparkly clothes could be fun. Titillating, horrific or hilarious much like nude beaches but would probably be traffic hazards so I guess not.

  10. My husband bought me lots of diamonds & other jewels, mostly in rings. The only rings I wear now are my wedding & engagement rings & a ring that used to belong to my grandmother. With his permission, I gave my now adult granddaughters all my others!! My grandson will get my wedding & engagement rings when I die, so he can give them to his future fiance if he wants!!

  11. Zsa Zsa Gabor once donated a valuable necklace made of diamonds to a Royal charity event in Britain. It was accepted by Prince Phillip, and a few days later it was returned to the actress because the diamonds were paste. If Zsa Zsa couldn't tell the difference, why should we care?

  12. Vodka and Gin are clear. And they make me sparkly. At least for awhile.

  13. One thing is for certain...other women make it their business to sniff out CZ like a bomb beagle in a cute little doggie vest on the trail of explosives at the airport. I don't know what sets them on that mission. It's nobody's business but the ring-wearer and the ring-giver. But they're not satisfied until they find one, hold it up, and proclaim, "It IS cubic zirconia!"

  14. I think I'm an anomaly. I'm not one that likes much jewelry and diamonds absolutely are not this girl's best friend :)


  15. I like diamonds, the sparklier the better, but truthfully I can't tell the difference between a diamond and a cubic zirconia. I'm not a jewellery person, the only diamond I own is a tiny tiny stone in a tiny pendant my mum gave me for my 40th birthday, she insisted 40 was a milestone and should be celebrated. She'd taken months to pay off that tiny thing, small amounts from her pension and I never wear it. I may have it cleaned and give it to my granddaughter for her 21st next year.

  16. I don't care for jewelry. If a gift-giving occasion comes along and someone asks me what I'd like, I always say, "I'm all about the three, chocolate, or camera stuff."


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