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Sunday, October 26, 2014


It is time once again for

Caution, do not look directly at your speaker!

This week’s stupid headlines and my stupider sophomoric and sometimes offensive comments.

One headline may be completely made up, guess the fake and win a mention and a Whoop-tee-doo. 'None of the above' may be a correct answer.


Hurling: The greatest sport you never heard of - Actually, in college I was pretty good at this.

Eagle flies off with man's golf ball - This bird is definitely not par for the course.

Things to do in Kabul -  The number one thing to do is play "Hide and Get the F*ck outta here."

Woman on vacation learns she's 38 weeks pregnant - Let's see, 4 x 9 = Holy crap...I better get home!

Same-sex marriage spreads in 'red' states - Is there no way to stop this epidemic?  Straight people are running to Canada in fear.

Jenny McCarthy's deep decolletage has men drooling - I have no idea what that is and i'm drooling.

British man faked coma for 2 years to avoid court - He was ultimately found guilty and sentenced to work for the Palace Guard.

Large Boulder found on Mt. Rushmore bears striking resemblance to Obama - No one noticed because it was behind a Bush.

Dumped woman spends a week in KFC to get over ex - I'd venture a guess that the dumper is not having second thoughts about the dumpee.

Rush Limbaugh thinks 'they' think we all deserve Ebola - I may lean to the right, but most of the time Rush is a big fat blowhard.

Maker of Camel cigarettes bans smoking in its offices - Look, up in the sky, pigs are flying!

Guidance counselor claims Seeing Eye dog got her bounced from school - I don't know what the complaint was, I'm just surprised a dog would have that much clout.


Last week's fake headline was:

Schnauzer with microchip leads police on wild goose chase - Wouldn't that be loose dog chase?

There were two winners:
(I'm getting tired of handing out WHOOP-TEE-DOO's to these ladies)

Schnauzer is my pick.
Woof, woof, arf,arf? Translation: Could it be "Schnauzer with microchip leads police on wild goose chase"?
I'm requesting drug testing for these two!

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  1. Things to do in Kabul? Is that sorta like the Amish phone book?

  2. i laughed at the banning smoking in their corp offices. so ironic, dontcha think?

    anyway, i'm gonna pick 'none of the above' just because i never have.

  3. Good morning Cranky. I'm off to get a drug test. I may or may not return to guess this week. If my test is dirty I may be in the clink.

    Have a fabulous Silly Sunday. ☺

  4. "Large Boulder found on Mt. Rushmore bears striking resemblance to Obama"--that's just silly!! (Although I once found a potato chip that looked like Queen Victoria.)

  5. I tend to forget that I'm looking for a fake answer because I get caught up in your own remarks .. they're very amusing. Of the four most plausible answers, I've already heard or read about three of them. Therefore I have about a 50-50 chance by selecting none of the above or just naming the last one. So I'll just bow out instead.

  6. Well everything seems to be Obamas fault these day so why should rocks be any different?

    1. Good one, TB. Yeah, trying to provide better health care, really bad thing. Well, only another year or so and we can be back to a president that will do what corporations want, reduce taxes for the wealthy, and we'll all be happier, with a white, late middle age president.

    2. Seriously Mike? This is a post that requires political commentary? Do you think I was making fun of our President with that Headline? I get your passion, but could you lighten up a bit on my posts?

  7. I think it's the Obama rock. The one I REALLY think is the craziest is actually true - saw it in the news. But I won't tell!

  8. These are all so funny-mainly because of your wisecracks. They all seem strangely true!

  9. I am gonna go for the Obama rock ..........behind a bush LMAO

  10. Hurling? Should that be Curling? I vote for Hurling.

  11. Hurling. Just because I'm not a sports fan.

  12. I doubt anyone would admit that a random rock formation on Mt. Rushmore looks like Obama, so I'll pick that one.

  13. I am going with "Large Boulder found on Mt. Rushmore bears striking resemblance to Obama." I am going with the crowd this week. I will hear it is true on Monday or Tuesday.

  14. I'll join the crowd and pick Obama too. Love your work!

  15. Oh, dear. I am going to run with the herd this week, and pick the Obama Boulder as fake. What are the odds of such a coincidence, of all the places where an Obama boulder might be found, for that very rock to be located at Mt. Rushmore?

    I was sorely tempted by the Camel-Smoking Offices. But that should have happened a long time ago, or people would be filing lawsuits all willy-nilly, and complaining to OSHA all the livelong day.

  16. Large Boulder found on Mt. Rushmore bears striking resemblance to Obama, this would also be the one I would go with, and if I am wrong well Whoop-tee-doo ha ha

  17. I'm going with Hurling as the fake one, though they all seem somewhat crazy.


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