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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Rent-a-Son In Edison NJ

Two years ago we redid our kitchen.  The contractor was Frank from Rent-A-Son.

He did such a good job we hired him again for a master bath redo.  It took a week due to waiting for the counter, but all in all the job was done quickly, neatly and done well.
Old Bath                                                                                                                New Bath

                                                       New Bath Floor
Frank does not offer the lowest price, he offers a fair price.  When you have work done on your house, you want your contractor to make a profit.  If a contractor is losing money on a job, you don't get his best work and your job will be the last job he completes.
The new room has an overhead paddle fan, a heat-a-lator for cold winter mornings, and a power flush toilet. (No more water saving triple flushes, this baby is one and done.)
As the one who cleans the bathroom, I love the changes.  The new 12x12 tile floor will be easier to clean than the old 4x4 tile floor.  The granite counter with one recessed sink will clean up twice as fast as the old two sink tile counter.  In addition there is a shelf above the counter to clear everything while cleaning instead of the old counter where I had to shift all the crap to another room in order to clean the counter.  There is also more room around the toilet and shower to vacuum and mop.
We have only the guest bath left to upgrade.  Hopefully in a year we will have saved enough to give Frank one more call. 
All in all I am very happy!



  1. yay for good contractors! mine is here right now, working on my front door (and later, fencing).

  2. My cousin has used Rent-a-Son for quite a few jobs around her house and has always been happy. It's looking good!

  3. Looking good Cranky. They did a great job. Me likey.

    We had our master bath done in granite some years back. Best thing we did too and they did a great job.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  4. Ah, the new bathroom. Looks mighty fine. My reno starts Monday, my Frank is named Jim, and he's a keeper, too.

  5. It looks good. But I find that those sliding doors on showers are the biggest pain in the neck to clean. I'm glad you put down the toilet seat for the redo. ;-)

  6. Looks great, I'm still in the process of thinking about having my bathroom done, I've been thinking about it for about 7 years now but you can't rush these things can you?

  7. It looks great. My problem is that I chat too much when we have workers in the house and I always slow them down.

  8. Well I'm glad to read something good happened in your house recently. As to the Geek Squad I wished youda asked me cause more than a few years ago I gave up on that overrated worthless bunch

  9. I always say if you find a really good mechanic or plumber, either marry them or adopt them, whichever is appropriate.
    Lucky you to have found one who does good work and you trust. I really like the results.

  10. Impressive! All it needs is a piece of exercise equipment...

  11. I agree, finding a good contractor is worth gold!

    We're not into remodeling. We just buy another house. :-p

  12. I don't like the darker patch in the middle of your floor, but apart from that it is all very nice. I've never renovated anything, but my daughter and son in law have done a couple of houses.

  13. "When you have work done on your house, you want your contractor to make a profit. If a contractor is losing money on a job, you don't get his best work and your job will be the last job he completes."

    As a man who has a marvelous contractor for a step-son, I feel those words should be carved in granite somewhere.

  14. Looks good! Glad you found a contractor that you like and does good work! Hubby's parents had such a contractor that they liked, but did "crappy" work. He's long dead and we are finding the "fruits" of his efforts in costly repairs.


  15. VERY nice! A good contractor is like a good auto mechanic....worth every penny they charge.


  16. Nice! I love the new bathroom, especially the paint color and the cabinets. Very pretty! Home repair seems to be an area where you get what you pay for. We're slowly learning that.

  17. Frank did a great job for you. Good people like him are hard to find. Carpenters, upholsterers....what a pain to go looking for a competent one!


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