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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Things On Which Liberals and Conservatives can Agree

Things On Which Liberals and Conservatives can Agree

Elections are upon us, and the airwaves are full of controversy, accusations and hate.  This time of year you may be led to believe that politicians and the electorate are at complete polar opposites on everything.  That is not true.  There are some things where both Liberals and Conservatives can find agreement.  Below are 15 examples, there may be more…probably not.

1.    Grammar or not, this post’s title would 
      just sound better if it read “Things Which Liberals 
      and Conservatives can Agree upon.”

2.    Justin Beiber is an idiot.

3.    Chris Rock is funnier than hell.

4.    The Earth is round.

5.    Ebola is bad.

6.    Sara Palin is hot.

7.    Barack Obama was born somewhere.

8.    Red light cameras are evil.

9.    The Bible does not say Adam and Steve.

10.   The Bible does not say Beevis and Butthead either, 
       what’s your point?

11.   Pollution in your backyard is bad.

12.   Children should not be allowed to bring assault 
       weapons to gym class.

13.   The climate changes almost every day.

14.   OJ Simpson was a great running back.

15.   Clean air is better than smog.

Whatever your political bent, get out and vote, unless you can’t even agree with any of the above, then maybe you should just stay home.


  1. If you don't vote, you don't count.

  2. Voting is a privilege that so many people reject. Drives me crazy right along with all the smear ads.

  3. I've got to disagree with you there bud. I'm almost certain that I read about Beevis and Butthead in the book of Deuteronomy.

  4. If these are the only things that are in discussion I may have to think about the value of voting itself. LOL

  5. Yes in some places you can vote republican and the vote goes to the democrat challenger. Imagine that.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  6. Hmm, yes, we can agree on most if not all. Not sure about #1. That's what I get for being a lifelong writer and editor.

  7. I disagree with everything you said, just on principle .... ;-)

  8. A little campaigning here--vote YES on proposition NO!!

  9. Now, you know I could not let this go. Posting this is like putting on a pork chop suit while visiting a wolf pack.

    1. As an English teacher, I’ll leave this one alone. I stopped listening to Barry Manilow when he sang, “We’ll just go on burning Bright …” No excuse.

    2. “Idiot” is a no longer used offensive term for someone with an IQ of 25. Bieber has more than twice that score.

    3. He’s even funnier than Bieber.

    4. Only when you look at it from Mars, where half our population lives.

    5. Not so. We quarantine the bad in society.

    6. That’s why Sara lives in Alaska.

    7. So was Elsa from “Born Free.”

    8. I use a Polaroid Land Camera and it’s not red so Native Americans can use it as a football.

    9. It does say “Thou shalt not elect an idiot, so Bieber is good to go.

    10. I rest my case. Bieber gets my vote.

    11. Not so. We quarantine the bad in society. I am consistent.

    12. If they make that a law, nerds will be stuck again with jock straps over their heads.

    13. Actually, every four years, if illiterate people don’t vote.

    14. Then why the slow speed chase?

    15. I’m only agreeing with #15 so I can vote.

    1. I was about to suggest you stay home on Tuesday untiI saw #15

  10. If you are not voting for my party...please stay home!

  11. Like the lottery, you can't win if you don't play. Also like the lottery, you can't lose if you don't play.

  12. Sara Palin is only hot when she isn't speaking.

  13. Voting guarantees griping privileges, so I will definitely cast my ballot..
    Will be so very glad when it is over.

  14. I do believe there are in some unnamed party (grey, big, has a trunk, thinks it's self 'grand"..).that would waffle on #4. You know, science is bad, faith is good...

    #6......yeah, I suppose. There is a certain type that think really dumb women are the best.....and I really like the way she get's in brawls with family. I do so hope she finds her way to the presidential ticket in the coming election.

  15. Funny! Yes, I'll vote because I always have, but honestly, I increasingly feel like elections are an exercise in futility. But it does give the comedians some good material.

  16. My voting place is the basement of a church. Is that ironic? Maybe JJ the English teacher can fill me in. Oops! I have a fondness for using prepositions to end my sentences with. I know the rules. I just don't follow them. However...I do have a legitimate problem grasping the true meaning of irony.

  17. Love it! Planning to vote next week :)


  18. I agree, no matter who or what you are voting for, get out and vote or else keep your opinions to yourself :)

  19. #12 Children should not be allowed to bring assault weapons to gym class.

    so it's okay to bring them to every other class? *~*

    just kidding :)

  20. As a liberal, I can agree with you on these sir LOL

  21. I need to show this list to my hubby! We don't always agree, but I think we could agree on most of these.

    People definitely need to get out there and vote, or at least shut up for the following four years if they don't.


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