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Friday, October 10, 2014

THE HAIR SHOP in SOUTH AMBOY, NEW JERSEY hair salon, stylist and colorists


The following is a paid endorsement for Mrs. Cranky’s sister’s salon.  The pay is four haircuts a year.  Considering I am at least 50% bald that is really like only two haircuts a year, besides I would pay for those haircuts and still endorse the Hair Shop in South Amboy, New Jersey even if the proprietor, Maryann was not Mrs. Cranky’s sister…so in a way this paid endorsement is not really paid at all.  It is just an endorsement.

The Hair Shop in South Amboy offers quality cuts and styling by skilled professionals.  If you think finding quality stylists and colorists is easy, just look around at all the ladies with funky haircuts, and crappy hair colors.  None of those funky haircuts or crappy color jobs came from The Hair Shop in South Amboy, New Jersey.  They couldn’t have come from The Hair Shop in South Amboy, New Jersey because The Hair Shop in South Amboy, New Jersey is a quality salon with skilled stylists and colorists.

In conclusion, I heartedly endorse The Hair Shop in South Amboy, New Jersey.  Go, visit, and enjoy the ambiance, the free coffee and the quality service offered by Maryann and her staff. 

And you young guys and even old dudes like myself, you can get a great haircut.  And, not that it should matter, but Maryann and her staff are all very cute!  
You could go to a regular barber shop and get your hair cut by an old fat bald guy named Veto…your choice.
Maryann and staff -(missing from picture is Tina...sorry Tina)


Oh, did I mention the salon is called:

The Hair Shop in South Amboy, New Jersey?

Well it is.

The Hair Shop in South Amboy New Jersey, 339 Main St, South Amboy, NJ 08879, 732-727-5305.  (It says Parlin, but it's now in South Amboy) 

Stop in, tell them Cranky sent you! 


  1. I live in California, so I'll not be stopping by, but you did a nice post about The Hair Shop in South Amboy, New Jersey.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ☺

  2. you're so cute - and so are those lovely, talented ladies. :)

  3. Are you getting a cut for this post? Pun intended.

  4. I shave my head every day, so it won't do me much good. Veto already cut my hair and it never came back. Without repeat customers, he must be out of business now. That's good news for the girls.

  5. Do they take appointments for late in the afternoon because I'd have to fly out of LAX & it's at least a 3 hour flight & I don't like to get up early? Please get back to me on this!!

  6. Oh I wish I lived in NJ for the hair cuts alone. Lucky you, Have you any idea how hard it is to find a really good beautician?

  7. I'll consider getting a haircut there the next time (first time) I'm in New Jersey.

  8. I don't get it, what's the post about?

  9. I am sure The Hair Shop, in South Amboy, New Jersey, would do a better job trimming my lovely lady mullet than those ne'er-do-wells at Terrible Cuts.

  10. I'm thinking the South Amboy mob might do a better marketing job for have a nationwide audience, they want locally. Get Joey, or Luigo to talk to some locals, send business.

  11. I have my hair cut by a friend I went to college with. She does a great job. Sometimes it is hard to find a person to give you a great haircut.

  12. Reasons to visit New Jersey:
    1. Diners
    2. Hair cut at The Hair Shop

    Gimme a couple more and I'll make the trip!

  13. Like fishducky, I'd have to fly in and out, but from Australia. does the town have a good hotel for overnight stays and are you handing out air fares? (kidding)


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