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Sunday, February 2, 2014



It is time once again for:
Funerals for relatives must be submitted two weeks in advance.


This week’s stupid headlines and my stupider sophomoric and sometimes offensive comments.

One headline is completely made up, guess the fake and win a mention and a Whoop-tee-do.


Birds attack peace doves freed from Pope Francis' window – God’s way of saying “Ya gotta try harder than that!”

Virginia poised to vote on bill to allow Sunday hunting – Hunt? What hunt? It comes right after Saturday…duh!

German newspaper publishes top Nazi's letters – And #7 in the count down, a dear Elke letter from Heinrich Himmler!

Dad spent 2.5 years in prison for blogging about his divorce – Any similarity between characters mentioned in this blog and real life people are purely coincidental.

20 children hospitalized for gun injuries every day in USWell for Heaven’s sake, take the guns away from those children!

 Pentagon fumes as Afghanistan frees hardened Taliban fighters- They are supposed to tell us where and when before they release them.

Bipartisan lawmakers reach deal on farm bill – I wonder what country this headline came from.

Colorado high school basketball player benched over prosthetics – 8’4” Colorado High center claims prosthetics are not an advantage.  Opponents call them pogo-stick stilts.

White powder causes scare at three hotels near Super Bowl site – Hello!  Super Bowl…football…athletes…feet!

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio calls East Rutherford, New Jersey “The sixth borough of New York City” – Well the Hudson River sort of gets in the way…



Last week’s fake stupid headline was:

Woman’s group demands gender terminology to change “Men” to “PWAPS” or “Persons with a penis.” – This is way too confusing, aren’t women commonly known as “PWAPS” or “Persons without a penis?”

And the winners are:

            TexWisGirl said...

  i'm gonna go with pwaps

TexWisGirl is rivaling the famous retired Fishducky in winning!

Visit her and her Whistler Ducks


           CLR said...

  I'm going to go with the PWAP story

Always a good read, visit Clr @


           BLissed-Out Grandma said...

        PWAPs ... funny word, makes me laugh. And I vote for that headline.

        She looks too young to be a grandma, but her posts are well worth   reading…@  

Visit and congratulate all the winners and come back next week for more


Denver 34 – Seattle 27


  1. I will guess Dad blogging about his divorce and going to jail.

  2. Where do you find this stuff?
    NYC's new mayor hasn't said anything too dumb, yet, so I'm guessing he's not annexing upstate.

  3. I guess you should never say anything bad about your ex-wife, THE JUDGE.


  4. yeah, gonna have to go with the blogging dad, too.

    (laughed at your comment on the bipartisan agreement on the farm bill. sad but true.)

  5. I, too, am going with the blogging guy. I just wish some of the others weren't true - really scary.

  6. This post so qualifies for my Silly Sunday meme so I linked it. Love this.

    Have a fabulous Silly Sunday. ☺

  7. I've seen some of these stories, so I've narrowed it down to the blogging dad. Although I've seen some posts about exes that might qualify....

    And thanks for the compliment!

  8. Yep. Blogging Dad gets my vote, too! If it's real though, I'd love the link. Has to be one very interesting blog! LOL!

  9. There is never an article about how many millions of children there are that were NOT injured by guns.

  10. The blogging dad has to be top of the stupid list out of that lot heheh!

    Have a tanfastic week ahead ;-)

  11. ok so funny butttt if your guess is right on the game I will win the pool I am in, hope you are right

  12. The one about high school prosthetics sounds bogus to me.

  13. I'm picking Virginia's Sunday hunting as fake. As far as I know, hunting might be limited according to animals and their hunting season...but not by days of the week. Perhaps people are confusing this with hunters being unable to buy their alcohol on Sundays...

  14. I don't seem to have any luck picking wrong stupid headlines. But I'll keep trying..."The sixth borough of New York City" is my guess this week.

  15. In my confusion over the zany layout I posted headline thought in wrong place. Down there with whatever that other post was about. I go with the basket ball story. B Ball sucks and maybe a guy with fake legs is 8'4", but wait, now that I think of it BasketBall attracts the kind of wacky morons that probably would screw on 7 foot legs and try to get away with it.
    OK. I go with the Mayor but anything is possible from NY mayors these days


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