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Wednesday, February 12, 2014



Well, being a cranky old man you knew of course that I absolutely hate the snow.  It is cold, it blocks roads, it ruins plans, and it needs to be shoveled… snow sucks.

Except, surprise, I love the snow*.  I have always loved snow and I always will love the snow.  I never saw snow until we moved east from California when I was nine.   There was a trip in California that my pops took us up to Mt. Baldy where I first saw snow and skiers.  Mt. Baldy was close to our San Marino home in California, and we could see the snowy slopes from our house, but I never saw “it snowing” until I was nine.

Watching it snow was fascinating.  Having school called off was exhilarating.  I immediately loved the snow.  I loved watching it come down at night almost blotting out the street light outside my window.  I woke early in the AM to listen intently to the radio for school closing announcements.  Don Bosco always closed first (apparently it is at the top of a large hill), my school was always last to announce.  At least it was the last I ever heard because that was all I needed to hear.

I had to shovel the driveway of course, but with my brothers help that went fast.  Next it was off with friends to shovel other driveways…BIG MONEY.   One storm we made $15, three boys, three driveways, $5 a driveway.  Then it was off to the hill sledding.  They didn’t sand or salt the hills on our block, so sledding was on the street.  We stopped occasionally to help push cars that were stuck.  When the car was freed we would hang on the bumper for a ride.  The drivers were appreciative of the push and never objected.

It seems today it is politically incorrect to admit you like the snow.  The weather sluts always interview the man on the street to hear their mandatory complaints and whining, but I believe everyone is secretly like me…lovers of the snow. 

Snow cleanses a dirty world.  Snow makes everything stop and slow down for a little bit.  Snow makes you appreciate the warm indoors.  Snow provides a new temporary playground.

When I commuted to work, I did not like the inconvenience of a big snow storm.  In forty years my job was only called off two days for snow.  When you are grown up, snow is not as much fun as when you were a kid, but it does bring out the kid in most people whether they admit it or not.  It brings back kid memories; it creates new memories for your own children and grandchildren.

It looks like snow tomorrow.  I am supposed to drive to my son’s house for Grandpa Joe Thursday.  I hope my drive will not be a mess.  I hope I do not get snowed in until Friday.  My son is supposed to visit from Massachusetts on Friday.  I hope snow does not become the excuse for my ex to withhold his visitation.  There are lots of unanswered questions in the next day or two because of the imminent snow storm.

I may be sorry, but still I am looking forward to it.

*Snow, not ice and slush.  Ice and slush sucks big time! 


  1. Yeah, I agree, snow sucks, My snow shovel sucks, the bucket of salt I have sitting on the front stairs sucks. I would rather have a sun burn than frost bite. After having said that I love to look at it from a distance, of say 10 miles, or on TV.

  2. We get plenty of snow most years here in Colorado and I do like a beautiful snowstorm, but then I am not the one who has to shovel. My affection for snow wanes a bit when it starts to melt then refreezes and becomes just a lot of dirty ice.

  3. We rarely get snow in this part of England -- and I rather miss it. Nothing prettier than a snowy New England Day. I grew up before most people had snow blowers, so it was necessary for the whole family (or fam damily, as my Dad used to say!) to get out there with the shovels and keep the driveway clear. And then we would get the driveway clear and the plow would go by and pile up a huge dirty mass of snow at the end!

  4. Around here snow just messes with folks.
    In the valley it might snow once every couple of years.
    Another 500 feet of elevation and it snows a couple of times a year.
    People around here don't know how to drive in the rain, let alone drive in snow.
    They can't drive on dry pavement on a straight road.

  5. i like your starred clarification. :) (i couldn't spell asterix)

  6. Every fall I wonder if the upcoming winter will be a white one? I, too, love snow. Three or four inches, the more the better, and I'm a happy camper. We don't shovel it, we just play in it. Then 3 or 4 days later it's all gone and the temp is back in the 60's. What's not to like? :)


  7. As a new Utah resident let me share "the greatest snow on earth":

  8. I have to admit, I too rather like the snow. BUT, only if it's not some half assed little bit.
    We have enough this year that my lawn is not only covered, but the snow banks are too high for the little darlings to take a short cut across said lawn, leaving their annoying little footprints.
    The snow seems to deaden the background noise so prevalent here in the burbs.
    Except for that f**king dog next door.

  9. I love snow, watching it on TV occurring in other states.

  10. I have to drive down into a big river valley, cross the river and drive back up the other side to go to work. In ten years I have only taken one snow day. But, I do not love it as you do. Hope your plans go well.

  11. snow is awesome, it really is and this year has been great with it.

    now if you'll excuse me, time to get some shut-eye so I'll be fresh to clear the snow coming tomorrow morning ....

  12. Joe, I too loved snow . . . as a kid in North Dakota. But no more. Well, if I could sit in a warm cabin somewhere with a big fire going in a fireplace and a picture window to watch it pile up outside and a refrigerator full of frozen pizzas and the power didn't go out and the heat stayed on and . . . and . . . and . . . Yeah, I love snow, too.

  13. I certainly hope you've been to the store to stock up on bread and milk.

  14. Being a Minnesotan we're not allowed to denigrate snow. Nor ice of sub freezing temps either. But as the aging process has kicked in I'm not as keen about it as I used to be. Your take on menus was much fun. I find these fancied up delectable sounding menus often misleading and the product very disappointing. Applebees is a prime example...:)

  15. We do not have snow in these parts of California we need to drive about 4 hours to Tahoe for that - but hey we get to deal with droughts yah!!! We are in a doozy of one this year. Hope you stocked up on groceries


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