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Saturday, February 15, 2014



A Cranky Opinion for



The following is the opinion of a cranky old man with little to no knowledge of the subject opined.  Opposing opinions are welcome…they are wrong, but welcome; and please, no name calling, that means you, you big stupid head!


Bill de Blasio, the newly elected very Liberal Mayor of New York City probably wishes his term started in May. 

Mayor of this city must be one of the most difficult jobs anywhere.  I have no idea, other than graft, why anyone would want this job.  Mayor de Blasio wants to change things for the people of his city.  He wants the wealthy, and there are plenty of them, to pay for pre-school programs for the poor.  He wants to raise minimum wages; he wants to give illegal immigrants ID cards to give them access to city services.  In a city as Liberal as New York, his positions should make him very popular.

He did not count on snow.  Snow is the great equalizer in the city of New York.  Snow has made several Mayors one term Mayors.  The first snow storm this year, de Blasio was blamed for not plowing the streets in wealthy neighborhoods in favor of less advantaged areas.  The problem with that payback against those that did not vote for him was that most beneficial commerce in the city comes in the wealthy neighborhoods.  Clog traffic on Fifth Avenue and poor people are out of work.  Rich people were pissed; poor people missed a day’s wage and were pissed. 

No one was happy with his plow strategy.

The next storm his snow removal experts forgot all about Staten Island, a fairly common practice in the smallest most conservative of the city’s five boroughs.   The people of Staten Island were pissed.

One storm de Blasio closed the schools.   Many parents had to go to work because their jobs were not closed.  These parents were pissed.

This latest storm, Mayor de Blasio kept the schools open when over ten inches of snow was predicted.  Many parents were pissed.

I am not enamored with much of Mayor de Blasio’s politics, but I think the people of New York need to cut him a break on this snow stuff.  One month into office I hardly think the Mayor had the time or the inclination to plot revenge in the way of deficient snow removal on his enemies.  I have to think the snow removal process has been in place for years by people not subject to the election process.

The school closing issue is in the Mayor’s hands.  It is an interesting call that is NEVER right.  Keep the schools open and children are put in danger; close the schools and parents miss work, or children are left at home and put in danger.  Historically New York schools are seldom closed.  Most kids are an easy walk to school, or take the subway which is usually not affected by snow accumulation above the ground.  Since 1968, New York City schools have been closed less than ten days.  Half of those closings were in the wicked snow year of 1996 when there was a 30 inch storm and several over 10 inches.

I don’t understand why parents get so riled up over the school issue.  I think the city should keep them open except in extreme conditions.  Parents should then make a personal decision whether or not to send their children to school.

If a parent thinks it will be dangerous to send his child to school, it should not make a rats butt of difference what the Mayor says, keep that child home…idiot!

Unless climate change forever eliminates snow in New York City, I will not take up residence and run for Mayor.  It is a thankless job; you can keep it Mayor de Blasio.

The preceding has been the opinion of a cranky old man and not necessarily that of management…Mrs. Cranky.


  1. It will be May, leaving this unhappy winter behind, and then the mayor can see what his brand does for the city. Will be interesting.

  2. i can only imagine the pressure of this position. :)

  3. Here the decision to close schools is made by the school superintendant.

  4. There's New York and then there is San Francisco. At least there isn't any snow there, but the weirdos abound.

    Have a fabulous day. :)

  5. Damed if you do and Damed if you don't. He has to let it run off his back like water on a duck.

  6. We've missed that much school since November.

  7. I think being the mayor in ANY city where it snows is a thankless job, no matter what you do.

  8. A president would just start a small war to deflect attention away from his shortcomings. Are mayors allowed to start wars?


  9. I would never understand why any one would want his position. Also people always have the option of not sending kids to school.

  10. I don't live in New York, not even in America, so I don't have any say at all in what goes on there, but it seems to me everything Mayor de Blasio is aiming to do is worthwhile.
    As for people being pissed off, that's unavoidable. You simply cannot please everybody all the time.

  11. As the satisfied recipient of 18 snow days (so far) this year, I cannot criticize Mayor de Blasio for closing the schools.

  12. It looks like the Major of Atlanta learned his lesson with the first storm. Things seemed to work much better this week.

    I would not want to be in any public position during a snow, ice, or Hurricane. You screw up the response to them it does not matter want party you belong. Your are just screwed.

  13. listen, snow is not a public service and is not a political accessory no matter what the ignorant 'media' may say about it. but then, sounds like you already knew that even though i never helped you understand it ;-)

    anyway, easy on the keep your kid home stuff. these days that can result in a visit from the school nazis for contributing to delinquency. that's just an indicator of how nanny the state has gotten.


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