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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Happy Anniversary Mrs. C

Happy Anniversary Mrs. C
Today is my third anniversary of wedded bliss with Mrs. Cranky.  We married on 12-11-10…Mrs. C is a numbers nut, but at least it is a date that is easy to remember.  What memory hits me as I think on this date? 


That was the date of my second wedding.  Is that wrong to remember that day?  Let me explain.

That wedding was the day after Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving Day was our rehearsal dinner.   Some 25 guests that Cranky was expected to pay for.  Not a big deal except Cranky was and is a man of little means.  I barely had enough money to pay for the wedding, we were counting on gift money to cover the honeymoon; the rehearsal dinner was a crap shoot.  I figured I would put it on a card and hope it did not catch up to me until after the honeymoon.

When the bill came, over $800, I pulled out my card.  My brother Chris stopped me.  I must have had a certain look on my face, a look that said, “I sure hope this clears.” Chris simply picked up the bill and said, “I got this Bro…let me feel like a big shot.”

I did let him feel like a big shot, though I don’t think anyone knew of his gesture.  Probably not even his Misses. 

How does this tie into my third anniversary with Mrs. C?

My first marriage, Chris was my best man.  A black tux and brown shoes foresaw the direction of that union.

My second marriage, Chris stepped up to save me the embarrassment of defaulting on my own rehearsal dinner party; also an unsuccessful union.

Third time around, Chris, now a judge, led the service and pronounced Mrs. C and myself “Husband and Wife.”

I never thanked Chris for his largess on marriage number two.  I think I will make it up to him by making the union he presided over a successful one!

Happy Anniversary Karen,

I love you!  


  1. Jeez...I thought I had bad luck with the ladies!

    But all that is history now. Sounds like you've found happiness. Happy Anniversary to you both. :)


  2. Happy Third Time Lucky Anniversary, Joeh!

  3. I'm wife number 3 also and it's by far the best ever. However, we've got 24 years on you and let me tell you, they just get better and better. So Happy Happy Anniversary.

  4. I knew this was your third marriage but I thought you'd been together longer than three years. Your brother sounds like one heck of a guy, someone to be treasured. Happy anniversary to both of you and wishing you many more years of happiness.

  5. you have a loving brother - and a loving wife. :)

  6. They say "third time is the charm", so go with that. Happy Anniversary.
    I've been to the altar twice, but with the same woman. Just one of those crazy things. Maybe we'll do a third one in another 20 years.
    Sure wish one of my brothers had "stepped up" on either of those occasions.

  7. It's lookin' good to me. Happy anniversary.

  8. HAPPY 3rd ANNIVERSARY--be good so Mrs. C will let you have a 4th!!

  9. Awww sweet. Happy Crankiversary!

  10. Happy anniversary to you and Mrs. C!

    Funny...Mr. Peeper and I got married ON Thanksgiving Day in 1989 in Las Vegas. The whole trip/wedding/hotel was $450 per person. Pretty good, considering we're still happily married.

  11. Happy happy anniversary to you!!! Have fun at Disneyworld, or at least enjoy it for Mrs. C's sake!! :)

  12. Congratulations Joe and Karen! I am very happy for you both!

  13. Happy Anniversary! I got married on the day after Thanksgiving. This year was my 24th anniversary. I guess it's going to last...

  14. Happy Anniversary!
    I'm twice divorced myself, but I'm not taking a chance with a third marriage. Turns out I prefer my solitude.

  15. Two treasures in this post - Karen and Chris. You're blessed. Happy Happy!


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