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Friday, December 6, 2013



So I just was watching “Driving Miss Daisy” and in the movie, Dan Aykroyd often tells Miss Daisy, “Momma you’re a Doodle.”  I loved that line.  It makes me think of my own “Momma” as she was also a Doodle. 

I pulled out our Christmas stuff last week and in the box was a Christmas stocking my mom knitted (crocheted?) and it reminded of one more reason why my Momma was a Doodle.

Mom’s sister, my Aunt Eleanor, knitted Christmas stockings.  They were beautiful Christmas red and green with a child’s name across the top and a jolly Santa in the middle.  Aunt Eleanor gave mom the pattern and taught her how to make the stockings.  Mom made several and they were all very nice.  Then she came to my stocking.  Apparently she was out of the traditional Christmas red and green colors, but that would not stop mom. 

She bought some new yarn of not so traditional colors.  She bought pink (for the red) and chartreuse (kinda green).  I’m not sure of the other grandchildren, but all of my children received the pink and chartreuse stockings.

The traditional red and green stockings would have been nice, and at the time we got our strange stockings I felt a little put-out that we got the off color Christmas stockings.  As the years go by, I am glad my family got the pink and chartreuse stockings. 
Every year when I hang mine up, I get to fondly remember,
My son Matt's stocking
"You're a Doodle, Momma!"




  1. I had an old Aunt Eleanor who was a doodle! I remember she had some sort of arthritis & her hands were big & swollen They used to sit her in a corner at my Great Grandmother's house and she'd still knit hanger covers, table place mats, doilies. I still have her stuff after all these years. Nice memory. Thank you!

  2. "Doodle". :-) Is that a Southern thing?!

    Those "off" socks are, actually, adorable, especially with the benefit of time, but I can just picture the look on your face when you first saw them!


  3. I come from a long line of people who have absolutely NO crafty skills. We did, however, have credit cards and knew the route well to the mall. Our stockings were whatever color yarn was in plentiful supply in Japan at the time. Now they all come from China, of course. :(


  4. Thanks for reading my blog. Sandie got me hooked! You have all those children? You are a saint! They are all so cute.

  5. Nice post and stockings. I only wish I could knit or crochet.

  6. The stockings above our mantle were made by a good friend when our son was a baby. We treasure them as you do yours.

    By the way, Morgan was cheated by the Academy Awards---he should have won for Driving Miss Daisy.

  7. Your mom was a dandy doodle (doodle dandy?)! That's a really nice stocking and since I don't care for red and never exactly liked the traditional Christmas colours, I'd say that your family got the best stockings. Very sweet.

  8. That's one fine sock. And it's aged well.

  9. My Mother's FIL ~ my Grandpa ... called her Doodle and the entire family on that side called her Doodle... Aunt Doodle... Hahaaaa

    I don't know what a doodle is ... I saw the movie but don't recall...

    I know doodle as in doodling... s that a doodler?

  10. That's one crafty stocking! The colors go well together.

    I'm so relieved to see the Driving Miss Daisy quote for "doodle." Because when I saw the title, my mind jumped to The Simpsons Movie. Where Homer dared Bart to skateboard to Krusty Burger naked. And Bart said, "But girls might see my doodle!" Which made me think you were saying your mom was a...never mind.

  11. that is so something my mom, the doodle, would do.

    doodle on momma, doodle on

  12. That's pretty clever knitting, I can't even knit a plain sock, never mind one with a Santa in the middle.


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