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Wednesday, December 4, 2013


These words “Would you do me a favor” when spoken by Mrs. Cranky sometimes do not infer a question.  Sometimes “would you do me a favor” means I am about to give you a directive which you damn well better follow.

Yesterday I was asked to do Mrs. C a favor, and it was not a question.

“Would you do me a favor!”

“Ah yes…what?”

“Would you stop closing stuff!”

“Can you be more specific?  I mean the front door?  The bathroom door?  Because I’m closing them no matter what.”

“Stop closing the stopper on the Dawn dish detergent, and why do you close the door to the laundry room when the dryer is running?  I like to keep it open.”

“So the Dawn detergent cap is not meant to be closed?  Like when they invented the thing why didn’t they put a note on the bottle to warn ‘do not close this cap’?  Seems to me that cap was designed to be closed.”

“When my hands are all sticky, I like to use the residue in the stopper to clean my hands and I don’t want to touch the bottle.”

“Oh my God…foolish me!  How long have you been holding this complaint in?”

“Just please do not close that stopper.  Is that so hard…jerk.

“I can do that, but what’s with the laundry room door thing?  I’m watching TV in the basement and the dryer is running and it is noisy.  Why keep it open?”

“Because I just like the door open.”

“But you’re upstairs, how do you even know?”

“I know!”

“Is there anything else I should keep open?  The medicine cabinet? The dishwasher door? Windows?”

“I’ll let you know…jerk. 

“OK, I’ll keep the soap cap off and think about the laundry room door…but only as a favor.”

“Thank you!”

The logic train does not stop at my house.


  1. its a cap not a stopper! if you are going to pick on me, get the story straight!

  2. I never close our cap either unless we're packing up to move the RV. But Jim doesn't ever mess with it so he's not in trouble. When I ask him to do a favor, it's usually because I need something stupid and obnoxious to be done.

  3. Ohhh...Mrs C for the smackdown! What was it one of those TV shrinks said? Do you want to be happy, or do you want to be right? ;)


  4. laughing. and at mrs. c's comment, too.

  5. thanks for the laugh, actually. i just came from anvilcloud's spot (the ac is on) and was bawling like a baby at a christmas story.

  6. At my house I'd catch hell if I didn't close the cap. And I always close the laundry room door because of the noise. OMG---I'm becoming a minion in the Cranky Army!

  7. Oh... and I leave the cap however I found it.
    I'm lazy that way.

    What's a laundry room?

  8. I've spent half my life closing cupboards & drawers--open ones drive me crazy!!

  9. You're always a hoot but I laughed out load upon reading Mrs. C.'s comment. I have to admit I keep the cap open most of the time but close it to clean out the excess soap sometimes.. when needed. Come to think of it, it might not be needed if I closed it after each use. You might be onto something.

    Laundry door.. it is indeed too noisy to keep it open. But then I sometimes forget that I have stuff in the dryer.

    You're both too funny. You could be a comedy team.

  10. On the contrary, the logic train is at the living room.

  11. and just what was it you were attempting to accomplish by debating? ya jerk .... ;-)

  12. My husband wouldn't know a detergent cap if it bit him on the butt. In which case he would run through the perpetually open door of the should-be-closed laundry room, screaming, "What the hell is biting me on the butt?"

  13. Instead of telling to my husband to keep the things properly i even will do it...

  14. I'm glad Blogger has finally decided to let me comment again because this is so ripe a subject.

    Are you under orders to put the toilet seat down? I assume you are. Damnedest thing in life is a woman's seeming inability to look at where she's going to sit before she actually does. MY WIFE will literally fall into the toilet unless I put the seat down. Apparently she lacks the ability to see if the seat is down or not. I love her, so I have learned to live with her handicap.

  15. I have to admit to a twinge of annoyance as well when I find my husband has pushed the stopper down on the dish washing liquid. I like it open too! And I also use the top to clean my hands with. And the damn thing is so hard to pull open. I'm with Mrs C!