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Friday, December 20, 2013

Ho Ho Ho

Ho Ho Ho
I love Christmas.  I have always loved Christmas, but I have to confess there is one thing about this holiday celebration that I hate.

I hate the Ho Ho Ho!

Come on now, haven’t you known people that laugh at everything they say?  Doesn’t it annoy you when people say something that isn’t funny and then laugh?  Everything these people ever say, they follow with a laugh.

“Good morning, Ha ha ha ha!”

“Do you want cream with your coffee? Ha ha ha ha!”

What is it with these people?  What is it with Santa Clause?

“Merry Christmas Ho Ho Ho!”

“On Dasher, on Prancer, on Donna and Blixon Ho Ho Ho!”

What is so funny about "Merry Christmas?"  Why does Santa laugh when he commands his reindeer?  The Lone Ranger did not say “High Ho Ho Ho Silver Away.”

I am sure that laughing after everything you say has some serious psychological implications.  Is Santa some kind of a nut?  Is it safe for little children to sit on his lap?

“Well hello little girl Ho Ho Ho!  Come sit on old Santa’s lap Ho Ho Ho!  And what do you want for Christmas Ho Ho Ho!”

Is there anything funny about any of that conversation?  No wonder so many kids are scared of Santa.  They recognize weird when they see it.

Jolly old elf indeed, there’s something wrong with that guy.

Stop the Ho Ho Ho.  A smile would do. 


  1. yeah, my Mom is one of those laugh-a-holics. "... and the car hit the pedestrian (ha ha ha) and he flew up and off to the side (hee hee hee) and landed on his head (snicker) and I just felt so bad for him (guffaw) and called 911 (ha ha ha) and ran to help him (ho ho ho) .... "

    yeah, Mom is all heart ;-)

  2. My husband does that when he's angry, actually, starts laughing.

    Scary in theory, just odd in practice.


    p.s. I laughed at your response on my page. :-) Nicely done, Joe!

  3. There's someone in my family who does that--drives me CRAZY!!

  4. I know what you mean, but please give this guy a break. My kids grew up waiting to listen to that HO HO HO.

  5. There are some folks who do that
    I'd love to smack 'em upside the head

    Then there's the ones who laugh backward
    Ya know, inhale instead of exhale, "Eh, eh, eh!"
    That's worse than fingernails on a chalkboard to me
    It's not real laughter

  6. Interesting phenomenon. I have a relative group for whom any tragedy is a roaring, knee slapping good time in reciting. I recall once standing in the midst of it, screaming Shut Up, explaining why they were all stupid and walking away. The rest of the day was mighty subdued.

  7. I much prefer a laugh or Ho Ho Ho to someone who giggles all the time for no reason.

  8. HA! Good point! Then again, the reason he's so doggone jolly is because he knows where all the naughty girls live.

    Merry Christmas!

  9. I can't say that I know anyone who laughs like that in face to face conversation but I do know a few who use "lol" very frequently when it's not merited in email. It makes me wonder if they know what it means.

  10. We have a DIL who giggles at the end of every sentence. After about ten minutes I am ready to pull my hair out. But we love her and she loves our son so we only visit occasionally.

  11. I used to smile when I was nervous. I remember giving a speech in front of a college class of students. After class, someone asked my why I was smiling. Ho Ho Ho! (Couldn't resist.)

  12. Well...if Santa held it in, like when you're in a meeting and find something absurdly funny, and shake until tears roll down your face...he might damage his bowl-full-of-jelly-like belly.

  13. Note to self: From now on it's "Ha Ha Ha".


  14. oH oH oH, I have nothing to say.

  15. Ho Ho Ho - Yeah - seriously creepy!

    Hope you have a good Christmas