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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Why Do They Whisper on Soap Operas!!

What is it about soap operas or soap opera type TV shows?  Why don’t the characters ever yell, or even talk, why do they only whisper? 

Mrs. C. is somehow hooked on two of these type shows, “Once Upon a Time” and “Revenge.”  “Once Upon a Time” is a ridiculous farce of a show where they just make up magic shit as they go along.  I would not watch this show even if I could hear what they are saying.  “Revenge” seems to have potential as an entertaining show, but I can’t hear the dialog more than half of the time.

All they do on these shows is whisper.  Why is that?  Is whispering somehow extra dramatic? 

Two characters in the middle of the woods, one has a gun to the others head, there is no one around who could possibly hear them and yet they whisper.  Sometimes they whisper loudly, but they never talk.

“Hold it right there Norman or I shall have to shoot you dead.”

“So it’s you Mildred I might have known.  Why did you kill Mark?”

I killed him because he knew too much about me and your father.  Plus I just did not like him.”


“Plus I did not like him!”



Never mind, just please don’t shoot.

If I do no one will hear it out in these woods!

If no one will hear it, WHY ARE YOU BOTH WHISPERING?

Is it just me?  Does anyone else watch this crap?  Can you hear them?  Doesn’t it bother you that they always whisper?


  1. LOL!

    Now I'm going to have to watch it to see this phenomenon in action. It sounds peculiar. I may have to research this one.

    Thanks for the laugh!!

  2. I don't watch soap operas, so this is just speculation on my part, but is one of the show's sponsors a hearing aid company?


  3. thanks for the chuckle. don't do soaps - about the closest i come is still 'dallas'.

  4. I have my husband watch British dramas and we (mostly he) had trouble with accents and local slang when they are talking...particularly important when it is a mystery.

  5. Here it sounds like they are all whispering and when the adverts come on - you need to turn your volume down to almost nothing. I have the same thoughts so you are not alone. Just an irritation.

    (Anyway - just to be cheeky - perhaps you need to up the volume on your hearing aid! - Just kidding)

  6. You're going to need to type with a larger font.. I can't hear a word you wrote.

    I don't watch soaps but there always seems to be some "artsy" trend which all shows follow. I guess whispering is the new one.

    What makes me nuts is how the general volume on some shows seems muffled and muted.. until the commercial comes on. Then it's blaring. That was supposed to become illegal about a year ago, as far as I understood it, but it's still happening .. particularly on the Comedy channel.. The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

  7. Ok, friend.... I watch these shows... don't take this the wrong way, but turn UP the volume :) It's either male selective hearing or this alleged "tone deafness" that men suffer when women speak. (my husband informed me of that)
    Besides, I've never heard you complain about the episodes of Days of Our Lives... :)

  8. Ha! I have noticed that in some of the dramatic shows we watch. But sometimes I can't hear a line because one of us is chewing loudly or rattling a paper. RE: Revenge, I now grit my teeth because of bad acting and dumb plot lines. It has jumped the shark, and yet I keep watching. Sigh.

  9. I haven't noticed the whispering but now I'll look for it, not that I watch soaps. Years ago I was home sick twice, once at the beginning of summer and once at the end. I think I had General Hospital on the TV. At the beginning of summer everyone was in a tizzy over Erica's upcoming cocktail party. A few months later when I was again sick I turned on General Hospital and Erica's party was still three weeks away. Time moves slowly on soaps.

  10. That is why I watch tele novelas not a whisper anywhere.

  11. I know what you mean. It does take some concentration on our part. I remember watching Soaps when my kids were babies and I was a stay home Mom. Today- - - forget at. I don't have time

  12. I don't watch soaps, but my ears have gotten so old that I now use closed captions. BTW, they don't use smaller print when they whisper!!

  13. I know EXACTLY what you mean! The older I get, the more they whisper.

    (Truthfully, I remember reading that the new flat-screen TVs have awful sound quality. If you get an additional soundbar or speakers and a sub woofer, it gets better. Of course...more money. The genius of sales people...)

  14. I don't do the soaps anymore. But I will vouch that my flat screen TV has the speakers pointing out the BACK of the screen. I crank it really loud to hear some of my shows. Everybody upstairs on the back side of the TV yells at me to turn it down. I guess I can see it or hear it. But not both. I must say, the HD picture is breathtaking.

  15. Interesting. I didn't know they whispered because I don't think I've ever see one. Now I'm curious and I'll have to watch and see. LOL

  16. YES! Thank God it's not just me. Why, oh why, do they have to whisper? I turn it up to hear and then get Blasted off my seat when the ads come on.

  17. I agree with you 100%! The new HBO show has the lead actress whispering all the time. Goddamn annoying!

  18. I fast forward through soaps when they whisper. I HATE IT! It’s very annoying