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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Merry Christmas EVERYONE!

It’s The Best Celebration Ever
A non-cranky Christmas opinion for

Cranky Opinion Saturday

I agree it is over commercialized and the religious significance of the day is often lost, but hands down, Christmas is the best Holiday Celebration ever!

Jews have their gift giving during Chanukah, and they have some really great feasts, but do they have a celebration to equal Christmas?

Chinese New Year’s has colors, costumes, and fireworks galore.  It looks like fun, but it is not Christmas.

I am clearly not an expert in other customs and celebrations, but it seems to me that most involve sacrifice.  I see a lot of fasting, staying inside, beating yourself with chains and other stuff.  Sacrifice is fine, I imagine God appreciates the sentiment, but there is no other holiday like Christmas. 

What other holiday has children counting down the days for a month?  What other holiday covers homes and streets with bright flickering lights?  What other holiday just makes people feel good, has them smiling, and has strangers speaking to strangers? What other holiday has the traditions: Santa, reindeer, decorating a tree, mistletoe, stockings, elves, cookies, candy canes, a huge dinner and GIVING AND RECEIVING PRESENTS?

Christmas brings families together like no other holiday, plus,


I understand that Christmas is a Christian holiday, but it is such a good time, such a great celebration, so much fun, I think everyone should celebrate the season.

You don’t believe in Jesus?  Fine, but you gotta like lights, and peace and love and GIVING AND RECEIVING PRESENTS!

You don’t accept Christ?  You don’t worship any higher power? Fine, but everyone can celebrate the ideals of Christ.  Who wouldn’t celebrate the idea of peace and love and goodwill toward men?  Do unto others is a sound aspiration regardless of if or how you worship.

So I say to everyone, Jew, Muslim, Hindi, Atheist…whatever, join in the celebration, do not be left out, it is the most wonderful time of the year, it is the best celebration ever, and YOU GIVE AND GET PRESENTS!!

To me “Merry Christmas” represents more than the birth of Christ, it represents all that Christ stands for to Christians, ideals that do not conflict with any religious teachings I’ve ever heard of, ideals that all people could get behind and thus Christmas can be for everyone.

You don’t have to be Irish to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. 

You don’t have to be Mexican to enjoy a Cinco de Mayo drink or three. 

Why do you have to be Christian to enjoy Christmas?

So please, if you are not Christian, do not be offended when I wish you Merry Christmas, you don’t have to be Christian to enjoy Christmas!

Merry Christmas EVERYONE!


  1. Where is the like button when you need it.

  2. Some people say there's a war on Christmas but I don't buy it. I love the idea of including everyone in the celebration of a holiday that existed long before Christianity. Take care and Merry Christmas.

  3. I agree with you...Christmas (the non-religious aspect of it) can be shared by anyone. And really, the tradition of the Christmas tree predates Christmas. Pagans in Europe would put fruits on an evergreen tree in the forest for hungry animals to eat around the winter solstice. Christians just took over this tradition (maybe to win over the pagans by letting them keep some of their old traditions - ha!).

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  4. Well said, Joeh, but what about Festivus, for the rest of us?

    Actually, I prefer Thanksgiving, which is all about one thing: FOOD!

  5. Makes sense to me, but you know some people....they're just spoil-sports. They're just incapable of being happy, and want to make sure no one else is, either.


  6. How timely! I committed the worst holiday faux pas ever on Friday. As the kids were walking down the hall on their way out for the two-week Christmas break, everyone was in good spirits. For the kids who smiled and met my eye as they passed, I said, "Merry Christmas." I meant it in the spirit of having a nice vacation, jolly old St. Nick, eggnog, presents, etc. Not in a "praise Jesus" kind of way.

    One of my older students looked at me expectantly. So I said, "Merry Christmas." An odd look came over her face. She had her boyfriend by the hand. So I said, "And you too, Dude." They shot each other a glance.

    It wasn't until they had turned the corner that I realized...she is an atheist, and he is Jewish. Hopefully, they were not offended.

  7. THIS Jewish (by birth) agnostic (by belief) LOVES Christmas!!

  8. You nailed it, Cranky. No matter what you believe, giving and receiving presents is a great reason to celebrate.

  9. Christmas is magical and I love it no matter what. Merry Christmas to all!

  10. My son often asks me which holiday I like the most and my answer is usually Mother's Day (because I don't have to do anything), but this is a great reminder that Christmas really is a fun holiday. Merry Christmas to you and Mrs Cranky; hope Santa brings you both something nice!

  11. "What other holiday has children counting down the days for a month? What other holiday covers homes and streets with bright flickering lights? What other holiday just makes people feel good, has them smiling, and has strangers speaking to strangers? What other holiday has the traditions: GIVING AND RECEIVING PRESENTS?" (edited slightly) ;)


    And I could simply ditto Fishducky's comment and offer its exact truth as my very own.

    I hope that you and yours have a wonderful Christmas, Joe. :)