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Saturday, December 14, 2013



A cranky opinion for

Cranky Opinion Saturday

The following is the opinion of a cranky old man.  Opposing views are welcome…they are wrong but still welcome and please no name calling; that means you, you big stupid head!


Is being blind funny?  Is being deaf funny?  Is being a redneck funny?  How about jokes about religion?  Are cripples funny?  Can you say cripples?  Are stupid people funny?  Are snobs funny?  Are retarded people funny?  If stupid people are funny, why aren’t retarded people funny?  How about fat people, ugly people, clumsy people, nearsighted people, flatulent people?  Can different cultures be funny?  Amnesia…is that a funny disability?

Are there any topics today that are funny, or at least acceptably funny?  Sex is funny…but it is really not proper to talk about.  Are gay people funny?  Certainly not.  Are straight people funny? 

I just don’t know anymore. 

I’m bald…why is that allowed to be funny?  I’m a WASP; seems that it is ok to make fun of WASPS.  I’m old.  Why are old people fair game?  Forgetful isn’t funny.  Alzheimer’s isn’t funny.
Is “Will and Grace” funny?  They make fun of gay people.

How about Tyler Perry?  Are his characters offensive?

I used to laugh like crazy at a W.C. Fields routine with a blind person.  Of course there is nothing funny about being blind.

What would a sitcom be like without an occasional bout of amnesia?

Should we ban Mr. McGoo cartoons?

I have Tourette’s, believe me tics aren’t funny.  I often see situation comedies involving Tourette’s.  I guess I should be offended.

People with allergies have rashes, their face gets all bloated and they almost die.  It makes for some comical situations on TV.  Is that really a condition we should make fun of?

A Jew, a Catholic and a Muslim walk into a bar…STOP IT!!

Crying babies on a plane…NOT FUNNY!!


Short people are not funny.  Tall people are not funny.

Slip on a banana peal...why is that funny?  Pie in the face...hey that hurts!

I think we should outlaw humor.  It offends too many people.  So many things to offend people, I don’t know what I’m allowed to laugh about anymore anyway.

Just stop it everyone!  Stop making fun of conditions that are not fun.  We need to be more sensitive.  Stop being so damn offensive.

Just cut it out.

It’s not funny!

The preceding opinion was that of a cranky old man and not necessarily that of management…Mrs. Cranky.


  1. I am sorry if people make fun of people who have conditions that are out of their control. Cutting out humor all together is not a bad idea sometimes. If humor is not hurting any one it is a form of entertainment. As soon as it starts offending any particular group of people it becomes down right mean. People try to get other people's attention by being funny. They are Comedian want to bes. Therefore they will gather whatever they can to make a joke and hence get attention. We should all stop laughing when bad jokes are made. This will teach them a lesson. Unfortunately not everyone is sensitive and or strong enough to make that point especially in public.

  2. You actually make a very good point, Joe. We don't know how to laugh any more. Well, we know how, we're just scared to. It's a fine line, but I'm gonna laugh. And if I offend, so be it. I promise I will never do it in a mean spirited way, but I'm gonna laugh. I jab at you, you jab at me....that's funny. It's just so easy to smile, and so hard to walk around all day with a straight face.


  3. Certainly there are lines that are often crossed. Most people know where those lines are depending on the situation and the people in attendance. I'm of the belief that we can and should laugh about most things as long as we know we're not intentionally hurting someone.

    As for the question "Amnesia…is that a funny disability?"... I used to know the answer to that one but I forget.

  4. Good answer Hilary!

    Munir also makes the same good point...mean spirited is never funny, sometimes I just think people look for mean spiritedness when it does not exist.

  5. I won't say this blog made me laugh because you might pop through my monitor and smack me, but I will say that I avoid these complications by only making fun of myself. I'm a big boy and I can handle it, most of the time.

  6. This is a good thought-provoking post. Your comments are also right on target, humor is - or should be - about knowing where the line is between poking fun at ourselves and being hurtful and mean-spirited. We are all afraid to laugh anymore, it is not PC. But I also have strong feelings about oft-targeted groups in that they are easy targets. We need to spread "the love" around! :-)

  7. None of this was funny! (heh, heh)

  8. Oh, yeah, this is Leenie formerly of the crow icon. When I got sucked into joining Google Plus I lost my identity. NOT FUNNY.

  9. We all need to learn to take ourselves less seriously. I truly believe most of know where the line is when funny becomes cruel. If we don't we need to take the time to learn it. So go ahead and laugh.

  10. Whatever happened to the "sticks and stones" saying? Things are getting out of hand. Somebody is going to rip his OR HER own thin skin by tripping when walking on eggshells.

  11. I think we all take ourselves TOO seriously!!

  12. there's funny and then there's not funny. true story- my pop in law and i have never clicked and a big part of it is his painful lack of a sense of humor, or at least my opinion on that point. he tells jokes and can get some people roaring but every single 'joke' is of the sort you chat about here. he doesn't have a single non-offensive joke in his set and gets a bit agitated when i don't find a one of them funny. 'cause they're not.

    there are funny things and good jokes all around but my opinion says not a one that picks on heritage, inheritance, belief, or physical trait (that was not self inflicted, that is. bad or overdone plastic surgery and/or body modification is an entirely different thing).

    my bro in law says there's a special kinda hell for people like me, he thinks pops is hilarious. to each his own.