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Tuesday, July 9, 2013



Can you imagine a world where every light fixture required a different sized light bulb base for each manufacturer?  How annoying would it be if every car model required a battery that was shaped and sized differently?  

“I’m sorry sir; you have a 1992 Ford Fairlane.  That requires an Olsen, octagon, size 3, 16 volt battery.  They just don’t make them anymore.  Maybe if you searched the internet…”

This is what we have today with pc batteries, pc, cell phone, gps, and tablet chargers.  Every make and model has a different battery, charger, and charger connection.  I have at least 6 cell phone chargers that are all perfectly good except I no longer have a cell phone that they will connect to.  I have 3 different lithium batteries for three different pc.  I have only one working pc.  All three batteries are perfectly good.  All three are the exact size and shape.  Only one will properly connect and power my only working pc.

This all is such a waste!

For awhile there I thought Apple had it right.  At least all apple products had compatible chargers and connectors.  Now the new i-phone has changed that.

Why is it so hard to have standardized batteries, chargers, and connections?  Our flashlights, remotes, toys and other devices all run on standardized batteries.  AA, AAA, C, or D…is that so hard?

Our government passes about one zillion laws every year.  Virtually every law makes our life more complicated and confusing.  Why won’t one legislator introduce a law that all electronic devices have standardized batteries, standardized battery chargers, and standardized connections to these batteries and their chargers?  Why is that so hard?

I’m thinking of running for congress with only one item on my agenda.  Standardize all electronic device batteries, chargers, and connections!


“Cranky, what is your position on immigration?”

“Don’t care, don’t have a position.”

“Well…er…how do you feel about taxes?”

“Don’t like them, gotta have them.”


“Never had one.”

“Gay marriage?”

“Should not be mandatory.”


“Against it.”

“Why, Cranky, should anyone in the great State of New Jersey, ever consider voting for you to be their representative in Washington?”

“I want a law that will standardize size and shape of all electronic device batteries, chargers, and connections!”





  1. I think I might just move to NJ if you get elected. Or should I say when?

  2. And you could team up with that guy from NY who ran on the "Rent Is Too Damn High" platform.

    I think you have a great idea Cranky. Same with appliances. If you have to change out an oven 10 years old I can guarantee it won't fit the same hole in the cabinet you have now. It will require a cabinet modification. Dishwashers are standardized, why not ovens? Same with microwaves and cooktops, too?


  3. I know, it's 2013 for gods sake. I mean we almost have driverless cars, even. Surely it will happen one day, one type of battery/connection will be VHS and all the rest Beta? But when??

  4. Another great "cranky" observation. I don't have many electronic devices but i imagine this is a pain in the butte for many people.

  5. In a household where everyone but the baby has some sort of electronic advice (or two, or three) I SO agree with you on this one!

  6. that's a really good political position to run on, i think!

  7. Amen! I think you'd get a lot of votes.

  8. If every politician ran on that platform there would be no losers.

  9. You'd have my vote even if the law just covered connections!!

  10. Just a few minutes ago, I tried to use my iPhone 5 charger in the car for my Nook. It looked like it should fit, but just a smidge different. So as I sit here waiting for an appointment, I have to blog on my miniature iPhone instead of being able to read my book.

    I have a few of those old cell phone chargers too. Thankfully, they fit my husband's Blackberry and because he tends to "misplace" them, having 2 extras help.

    Cranky For Congress!

  11. Brilliant as usual. You've got my vote.

  12. Brilliant answers. I'm writing those down.

  13. Non standardisation allows for growth, experimentation and change.

  14. Is growth, experimentation and change always good? How about we get a new alphabet, we could use some more words and new spellings.

  15. Growth, experimentation and change are not always good, but the potential to have them is. The idea is to have the experimentation so that new ideas can be tested, accepted or rejected and life improved.
    We get new words and spellings all the time, compare a 1950's dictionary to a 2013 and you'll see new words!
    This is coming from someone who does not fit into mainstream at all and spent decades feeling wrong, outcast, broken and inadequate. Turns out I'm just different. People who expect everything to be one way can't accept my differences, my variation from standard. So I'm not keen on standardisation, because it doesn't incorporate all of the possibilities. Sometimes the non-standardised version can still be useful, productive and positive. Round C battery into a Square D battery hole and all that.


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