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Friday, July 19, 2013


In the northeast, I have always heard the saying in the summer that “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.”  It has always been well established in this area of the country that 90 degrees in the east is worse than 100 degrees in the desert, because, “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.”

We are currently having a heat wave in New Jersey.  The temperatures in New Jersey are as high as 96 degrees.  There are readers of this blog who will scoff at that temperature as a heat wave, as they endure temperatures far higher on a daily basis.  However it is not the heat, it is the humidity. 

Lately our weathermen have finally found a way to make everyone more miserable in the heat.  They have found a way to create panic and fear in the northeast.  In the winter the weathermen have long used the “Wind Chill Factor” to tell us how cold we really feel.  Now in the summer we have the “Heat Humidity Index” to establish a summer “FEELS LIKE temperature.”

Today is an example of how ridiculous this new way to make everyone more miserable in a heat wave can be.  Today’s temperature (actual temperature) is 93 degrees…BUT, with a humidity of 38% it FEELS LIKE 94!...REALLY…94?  Yesterday it was 96 degrees and with a humidity of 52% it FELT LIKE 106 degrees!


Listen up weather a-holes, in the northeast we commonly have humidity in the summer as high as 80%.  I am used to summer humidity of 80%.  When it is 93 degrees and humidity of 38% it does not feel like 94 degrees to me…to me it feels like 86 degrees.  Yes, that’s right; the heat is not that bad.  Instead of accurately reporting, “The temperature today is 93 degrees, but the good news is the humidity is only 38% so for most of us the temperature does not feel as hot as we would expect.” 

The weather a-holes report,

“It is hot out there today folks, 93 degrees and with the Heat Humidity index it actually FEELS LIKE 94!!”

This is getting insane, and all for the purpose of making everyone get excited about the weather.  STOP TELLING ME WHAT IT FEELS LIKE!!

I’m pretty sure in Las Vegas they don’t report, “It’s 108 degrees today, but with the humidity of 10% it feels like 109 degrees unless you are from New Jersey, then it FEELS LIKE 97 degrees, and with the wind relief factor it feels even better, maybe 95 degrees in gusts.”

Stop the nonsense!

Just report the temperature, the wind velocity and the humidity.  Let us figure out what it FEELS LIKE.


  1. If you weren't born to humidity it's hard to handle. One summer I flew into Boston. It was 9:30 pm, 92 degrees and raining. I though I was gonna die.

  2. Totally agree! These idiots have to sensationalize EVERYTHING... Stick to the real stuff so when things like Sandy actually do come around, we can take it seriously and not blow it off to "ANOTHER HISTORICAL EVENT" of 100% humidity.... Blah :)
    Sorry the heat and humidity are getting to me ;)

  3. Amen!

    And for those who don't know - The only real heat felt in the United States is along the Mississippi Gulf Coast in May, June, July and August. Humidity gets into the 90s with temperatures the same. And don't get me going about Louisiana! There ain't one cool spot in that entire state. Not that I'm complaining, all that heat makes the beer down there, regardless of brand, taste pretty doggone good. I mean, it tastes real good down in Louisiana.

    Oops, almost forgot, most TV weather people are not real bright. At least that's the way I see it. Hired for looks, not weather-guessing ability.

  4. I'm pretty sure what has happened is we're overstocked with weather people.
    For the most part those poor misguided weather people live in another dimension, where the atmosphere is the most important aspect of life.
    They can't control it so they worship it.
    Heck, they've spent their lives studying it.
    Now they inflict they're education on the rest of us.

  5. I wish I could have said it as well...just give me the weather report. Oh, and quit telling me that "I need a jacket today" or "Take your umbrella". Surely I can figure that out for myself.

  6. So why are you surprised? For years, news pundits have been telling us what every Tom, Dick, and Harry thinks about what just happened and what it means, or what so-and-so REALLY meant in that speech he just gave. The news tries to tell us what to think; it only follows that the weather should tell us how we feel.

  7. we get a 'feels like' here in tx, too.

  8. lord luv a duck. never much thought about what the weather people say ~ in the South heah... we know humidity and you add 10 to the whatever temperature it is. FOR the heat index.

    I don't understand dew point. What I want to know because I might decide to go here or there if it's going to rain and if it is ... how severely.

    don't like to drive in storms.

    other than that? am I the only sane person in the universe that pays no heed to whatever it is that makes me grumpy? like this f'ng crap with the Rolling Stone Cover!

    Jeeeeezus Christ that pisses me off... all the hullaboo over how outraged everyone is and people repost ... flash on screens this obnoxious photograph...

    I hit the remote... hide the post or delete whatever I can ... seriously!

    I swear it's lonely to be the only sane person in this universe. sometimes. other times I like being alone.

    weather schmeather

  9. I hate heat & humidity--& TV weathermen!!

  10. Ain't going to happen. There are jobs to protect and secret algorithms to hide from the station managers.

  11. Obviously, the weathermen are in cahoots with the bartenders who serve up dirty water and pass it off to you New Jersians as alcohol. The hotter you feel, the more you crave a shot of dirty water.

    Being from Missouri, I thought I was acclimated to the muggy, oppressive heat of summer. Then I spent a week in Missifreakinsippi in July. Which won't happen again.

  12. Slowly but surely the country is coming around to my way of thinking: Summer SUCKS! Bring on FALL!


  13. Weather people have a hard job making the same information look like news day after day after... I wish they'd just take a few seconds to tell us "same ol' same ol' give or take a few clouds or degrees," and give more time to news about the rest of the world (PLEASE no more gossip about celebrities or royals!).

  14. I came from New Hampshire, where the college kids put the convertible tops down at 35 degrees. But I must admit it felt like 40.

  15. I hate the weather people sometimes they never get ti right and they always are happy when the weather is shitty. Send some sun ova here we are in the fog bank are usual for July....

  16. I couldn't agree more.
    It is hot over there though eh?


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