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Sunday, July 28, 2013



It is time once again for:


Gee it was just here!


This week’s stupid headlines and my stupider sophomoric and sometimes offensive comments. 


One headline is completely made up.  Guess the fake and win a mention.



Foul-smelling 'corpse flower' blooms in shadow of US Capitol – Well it’s in the right place to get plenty of fertilizer.

Flat screens mean dogs are watching more TV – So that’s why my set is always tuned onto the “Animal Planet.”

Scientists have found “God’s bathtub,” a lake totally untouched by climate changeScientists were baffled by a flock of rubber ducks found in the lake.

George Zimmerman rescues family from truck crash last week, police say – When the family in an overturned SUV saw Zimmerman they came out with their hands up!

Teen motorist on seaside daytrip parks car on beach - and returns to find it submerged by 3ft tide Ebb tide is low tide?...Ah shit!

CIA wants to control the weather, climate change – The biggest problem is when agents in North Dakota try to make it warmer pissing off agents in Arkansas!

Town in Norway builds giant mirrors to avoid 5 months of darkness – Unfortunately the entire Kardasian family could not resist the giant mirrors and they blocked the sun’s reflections.

Skydiver collides with shortstop, knocking him out for the season – Shortstop called “I got him” but then lost the skydiver in the sun.

Pfizer reports Viagra sales shrinking – Seriously?

Women Often Miss Easy Way to Increase Chances of Getting Pregnant – Stop having headaches?

Norwegian woman wages public fight against Dubai jail sentence after reporting alleged rape – Woman was sentenced to jail for having sex outside of marriage when she was raped.  Sharia Law anyone?


Last week’s Fake headline was:

Atheist group demands crosswalks be referred to as “pedestrian safety zones”- Maybe we should also refer to Easter as “more east!”

             And the only winner - fishducky said...

So many weird ones this week, it's hard to guess. Is it "Atheist group demands crosswalks be referred to as “pedestrian safety zones”"?

Curse you fishducky!!

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  1. Good ones!

    "Teen motorist on seaside daytrip parks car on beach - and returns to find it submerged by 3ft tide"

    Umm, Avis. Yeah, just checking. I DID get the extra insurance, right? ;)


  2. The CIA wants to control the climate? Really? I just don't think so.

  3. fishducky's got a mind-link going on with you!

    gonna try for the giant mirrors this week, chuck...

  4. No guesses this week--you got me!!

  5. So hard this week! At first I was going to agree with Joanne that they're all true. But then, upon re-reading, I zeroed in on God's Bathtub. Scientist's would not say God's Bathtub. They would call it a Big Bang Bathtub.

  6. Foul-smelling 'corpse flower' blooms in shadow of US Capitol is the one I will go with being the fake one. I do not think you want something that reminds them of the crap they push on the American people.

  7. Still looking for that army camo vehicle. It's like trying to find your silver gray sedan amongst all the other silver gray sedans in the mall parking lot. However, I'm with Val on the "God's Bathtub" no scientist would credit God with anything.

    Great post!

  8. I love the image of the shortstop yelling, I got it, for the skydiver. Hahaha
    Thanks for stopping at my blog.

  9. I think I'll go with the flat screen tv's leading more dogs to read animal planet. I heard about the woman who was raped and then sentenced to jail. Unbelievable.


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